First Lady Hannah Van Buren


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Hannah Van Buren __ "Cousins in a close-knit Dutch community, Hannah Hoes and Martin Van Buren grew up together in Kinderhook, New York." - A biography. - illustrated - From -

Hannah Van Buren __ "...was the wife of the eighth United States President, Martin Van Buren."  An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Hannah Van Buren Biography __ You will find an in depth biography of Hannah Van Buren. - From -


Hannah Van Buren: The Most Obscure First Lady __ "When eighth president Martin Van Buren was elected in 1836, he had been a widower for almost 20 years. His wife, Hannah, was the most obscure of all the First Ladies."  An interesting article. - From -

Hannah Hoes Van Buren, First Lady __ Biographic outline good for classroom use. - From - 




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