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Angelica Van Buren___Angelica was Martin van Buren's daughter-in-law. This biography focuses on her years as White House hostess. - Text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1055.html 

Emily Donelson___Andrew Jackson's wife, Rachel, died before she ever entered the White House. This is the biography of his niece, Emily Donelson, who assumed the social role of White House mistress. - Text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1054.html 

Harriet Lane __ "The... song 'Listen to the MockingBird' was dedicated to..." Harriet Lane, who served as her uncle's (President Buchanan) White House hostess. - text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1063.html 

Mary McElroy___A biography of Mary McElroy, President Arthur'd sister, who assumed the social role of the president's deceased wife. - Text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1069.html 


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