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The Anthropology of Food is an analysis of food in culture.  While the primary purpose for food is nutrition, it also has a cultural dimension by which people choose what they eat not only by flavor or nutritional value but by cultural, religious, economic, status and environmental factors.  - These pages are a collection of sampler recipes providing only a taste of the ancient world.

Unfortunately, we do not have an Ancient Egyptian recipe book that could inform us more on what spices were used (if any), how the meals were prepared, etc.  So much of what we call "ancient Egyptian recipes" is actually archaeological reconstruction and some conjecture.



Ancient Egypt: Beverages __  "Beer, wine, milk, liqueur - their production and use" - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian cuisine __ No recipes but an encyclopedic article about food in ancient Egypt with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

Ancient Egyptian diet; Meat and Fish __ A very small collection of recipes, none of which contain meat or fish. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Food __ "The climate dictated the kind of food that formed a part of ancient Egyptian cuisine. Bread was a major part of this cuisine." A brief overview of ancient Egyptian food. - From -    

Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink by Ahmed Hamdy Eissa __ You will find an overview of ancient Egyptian food plus a recipe for ancient Egyptian date candy. "This recipe was from 1600BC and was found on an ostraca." - From Ahmed Hamdy Eissa - 


Ancient Egyptian Recipes __ A very small collection. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Wine Making __ Overview of Egyptian wine making including some methodology, experiments and vintage record keeping. - From -

Egyptian Cuisine through the Ages __ A bit of history and an ancient Egyptian recipe for bread. - From -  

Egyptian Food - History for Kids __ A good overview of the ancient Egyptian diet for younger students. - illustrated - From -


Egyptian Recipe. Historical. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian food __ A bit of history and a couple of recipes. - From -  

The Food of the Ancient Egyptians __ While short on the recipes, you will find a very good overview of the ancient Egyptian diet and food preparation methods. - From -

Food: Bread, beer, and all good things __ A good overview of ancient Egyptian food and diet.  Links at the bottom of the page lead to specialized topics such as "meat" and "fruit and vegetables." - illustrated - From -

Food and Drink __ A general overview of the ancient Egyptian diet plus access to a lot of other information about Egypt. - From -


Food and Recipes from Ancient Egypt __  "Learn what the ancient Egyptians ate and how to make the same foods at home! Many ancient Egyptian recipes are still served today!" - From -

Making Beer in Ancient Egypt __ Since beer was a staple of the Egyptian diet, it is important to include its making and use in a study of ancient Egyptian food. - From -

What fruit and vegetables were grown in ancient Egypt? __ Brief look at the evolution of the Egyptian fruit and vegetable garden. - From -  


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