Glossary of Archaeological/Anthropological Terms


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JADE __ A general term which may refer to either true jade (nephrite) or jadeite. Most prehistoric jade objects in Canada originate in British Columbia but some artifacts particularly adzes were traded into Alberta. It was also a commonly used stone for religious purposes and decoration in Mesoamerica and Asia.

JASPER __ A non-translucent microcrystalline quartz which occurs in a wide variety of colors and which was used for ornaments and chipped stone artifacts in prehistoric North America.

JEAN-FRANCOIS CHAMPOLLION __ French linguist and Egyptologist who is credited with using the writings of the Rosetta Stone to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics, from 1808 to 1822.

JIA (Chinese) __ Three-legged wine vessel with posts.
JIAO (Chinese) __ Tripod wine vessel with pointed lip

JIHAD __ There are two definitions: The first refers to spiritual struggle against vice, passion, and ignorance; the second interpretation means holy war against infidels and infidel countries.

JOINT FAMILY HOUSEHOLD __ A complex family unit formed through polygyny or polyandry or through the decision of married siblings to live together m the absence of their parents.

JOMON PEOPLE __ Named after a site in Japan (dated around 13000-2500 Before Present), the Jomon culture is currently credited with the invention of pottery, some 12,000 years ago.

JUDAH __ Region in Palestine from about 922 to 587 BC named after one of the tribes of Israel.

JUE (Chinese) __ Tripod wine vessel with spouted mouth
JULIUS CAESAR __ Victorious general and later dictator of Rome. Was assassinated on the Ides of March, 44 BCE.

JUNCTURE __ The linkage or separation of syllables by pauses.

JUNIPER __ Small to medium-sized evergreen trees with scaly leaves. Trunks and branches of the trees are often twisted. Various species grow at elevations of 3000 to 8000 feet in southern Arizona.

JUNO __ Roman goddess of marriage and wife of Jupiter. Called Hera by the Greeks.
JUPITER __ Roman king of the gods. Called Zeus by the Greeks.

JURASSIC PERIOD __ Between 206 and 144 million years ago. Period characterized by the development of many new kinds of dinosaurs and the first birds.

JUVENILE __ The period in an individual's life cycle that lasts from the eruption of the first to the eruption of the last permanent teeth.

JUVENILE CERAMICS __ Generally small and crudely made pottery vessels believed to be the product of a child learning the potter's art.


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