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A general overview of Western Australia


Australian States and Territories Social Studies

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Department of Education and Training __ "Home page for the Department of Education and Training, School Education section." - From Department of Education and Training - http://www.eddept.wa.edu.au/  

Emigrating to Perth - Western Australia - Global Visas __ "Find information on emigrating to Perth in Western Australia, with its fantastic climate ranging from temperate in the south to tropical in the north. Find advice on emigrating to Australia..." - From globalvisas.com - http://www.globalvisas.com/page74_Australia_Regional_Guide_-_Western_Australia.aspx 

The Government of Western Australia - Home __ A comprehensive index and listing of things Western Australian including Western Australia community and business, tourism and the official Western Australia state government portal." Some material requires a 'sign-in.' - illustrated - From Government of Western Australia - http://www.wa.gov.au/ 

Images of Western Australia __ "Pictures and images from Perth and other parts of Western Australia exhibit a panorama of the land and its people" - illustrated - From About.com - http://goaustralia.about.com/od/waimages/ 


Images of Western Australia. Perth, South West Coast and Southern Coast and Forests. North West, Broome, Far North __ Click on the gallery of your choice. - illustrated - From webtravel.com.au - http://www.webtravel.com.au/wa.htm 
Welcome to the Parliament of Western Australia __ Learn what this legislative body is up to. Learn about parliament, about bills, know who the representatives are and more. - illustrated - From Government of Western Australia - http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/indexn.htm 

Welcome to Western Australia - Tourism Western Australia __ "Information on travel, tourism, accommodation, events and everything you need to plan your holiday or vacation to Western Australia. Come and see The Real Thing! Experience our unique holiday experiences and world-class events, find travel suggestions, competitions and much more. In Western Australia you can dive with the world’s largest fish - the whale shark, walk amongst the tree tops of ancient trees, sleep under a canopy of stars in the desert..." All that and 'illustrated' too. - from westernaustralia.com - http://www.westernaustralia.com/en/ 


The West Australian __ Online newspaper - illustrated - From thewest.com.au - http://www.thewest.com.au/ 

Western Australia __ Brief overview with extended information about cities and regions. - illustrated - From About Australia.com - http://www.about-australia.com/western-australia/western-australia.php?liststate=15&site=AA 

Western Australia __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Australia 

Western Australia (Australia) __ Learn about the flags of Western Australia including the state flag and more. - illustrated - From fivestarflags.com - http://fotw.fivestarflags.com/au-wa.html 

Western Australia Colleges and Universities __ List of schools with direct contact links. - From justcolleges.com - http://www.justcolleges.com/australia/ausstates/wa.phtml?slink=Western%20Australia

Western Australia National Parks __ Basic list and description of Western Australia National Parks. - From atn.com.au - http://www.atn.com.au/parks/waparks.html 

Western Australia: Welcome to NatureBase Homepage __ "Western Australia Department of Conservation and Land Management - Information on nature-based recreation and tourism, forest management, conservation, national parks and marine environments." - illustrated - from Government of Western Australia - http://www.calm.wa.gov.au/ 

Wilkins Western Australia Map __ You will find an interactive map along with interesting text providing some basic information about Western Australia. - From arta.com.au - http://www.arta.com.au/wa.html 


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