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BBC - Birmingham - In Pictures - Mike's photos of Birmingham __ "The changing face of Birmingham. Mike Jemmett's been out and about. Take a look at his photographs." Birmingham photos - Birmingham pictures - illustrated - From - 

Birmingham __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. "Birmingham is the largest of England's core cities, and is generally considered to be the UK's second city." - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry __ You will find not only Birmingham business information, but an excellent general website about the city of Birmingham. - illustrated - From - 

Birmingham City Council __ "Birmingham is England's 'second city'. The City council runs or manages a large number of local services." Learn what they are and how to contact the council. - illustrated - From - 

Birmingham, city, England __ A general look at Birmingham and its history. Text links to other materials. - From - 



Birmingham, England UK, thumbnail photo gallery __ Good gallery of click-to-enlarge photo images. - illustrated - From - 

Birmingham England Weather __ Current conditions and more. - From - 
Birmingham History __ "The Birmingham area was occupied in Roman times, with several military roads and a large fort. Birmingham started life as a small Anglo-Saxon hamlet in the Early Middle Ages. It was first recorded in written documents by the Domesday Book of 1086 as a small village, worth only 20 shillings." This and more. An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia - 

Birmingham International Airport __ You will find general airport information with arrival and departure times. - illustrated - From Birmingham International Airport Ltd. - 



Birmingham Map __ You will find an interactive map of Birmingham, UK. - illustrated - From - 

Birmingham Post __ Online news from Birmingham, UK. - illustrated - From -


Birmingham UK __ "Official site and showcase for the city. Information for business and leisure and links to tourism resources. Events guide." - illustrated - From -


List of famous residents of Birmingham, England __ A fairly long list, at that. - From - 

Made in Birmingham __ From chocolates to automobiles, an industrial history of Birmingham. - illustrated - From -

Map of Birmingham on __ " Welcome to our map of Birmingham. You can click and drag the Birmingham map with your mouse, or zoom in to get a street map of Birmingham using the slider on the left." - From -

Photographs from around Birmingham UK in the West Midlands __ "A variety of images and photographs from around Birmingham and the West Midlands." Many click-to-view galleries of Birmingham, UK photos. Pictures of Birmingham, UK - illustrated - From - 


quick and quirky facts __ "Birmingham means home (ham) of the people (ing) of the tribal leader Birm or Beorma." this and much more. - From - 

Timeline Birmingham UK __ Here is a timeline of Birmingham history along with links to many other resources about the city. - From Andrew Spencer -


What is Birmingham city profile? __ A brief article about Birmingham, England. - illustrated - From -


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