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Archaeological Society of British Columbia __ Learn about this organization, it's goals and accomplishments. - From -

Archaeology in British Columbia - Government of British Columbia __ This website has information about the protection, conservation and public appreciation of British Columbia archaeological resources. - From -

The archaeology of EeQw:1 : a burial site near Chase, British Columbia __ An abstract of research and findings. - From - 

Archaeology at Keatley Creek __ You will find a brief introduction to Keatly Creek and the research done there. - From -

BCAPA | British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists __ "British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists."  Learn about the organization, career opportunities, galleries and more. - illustrated - From -

British Columbia Archaeological Impact Assessment __ " British Columbia has set forth a directive process in order to regulate the development of land by private and government identities,this is known as the Heritage Act."  Learn about this legislation and how it effects archaeology in British Columbia. - From Wikipedia -

British Columbia Culture History and Archaeology __ "Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the Canadian province of British Columbia."  Plus links to additional resources. - From -


Charlie Lake Cave __ "The Charlie Lake Cave site is one of only a few known archaeological sites in northern North America that date to before 10,500 years ago, and one of even fewer with a well preserved stratigraphic record of human activities."  Site history, photos and more. - illustrated - From -

Early Environments and Archaeology of Coastal British Columbia __ "Unlike un-glaciated regions such as the California and Oregon coast where late
Pleistocene shorelines are deeply drowned beneath modern sea levels, the glacially influenced NW Coast offers an array of opportunities to locate late Pleistocene archaeological sites and target the adaptation of humans at relatively narrow temporal windows." A PDF File - From -

Glenrose Cannery Site, British Columbia __ Learn about efforts to save this site.  "Glenrose Cannery is one of the earliest sites of the Northwest Coast, located on the coast of British Columbia near the Fraser River delta, close to Vancouver." - From -

Historical Villages of the Gitselasu __ You will learn about an ancient and important site. "Archaeological and ethnographic evidence suggests people have occupied the Kitselas Canyon area for at least 5,000 years." - illustrated - From - 


Kitwanga Fort __ "Kitwanga Fort, a Gitskan fortified village on the Kitwankul River in BC, was part of a complex trading network. In 1979 field research conducted at Kitwanga, combined with records of oral traditions, indicated that intertribal trade and warfare were common along the Northwest Coast."  A brief article. - From -

Kwaday Dän Sinchi, The Yukon Iceman __ "The body and artifacts (including the walking stick, a finely-woven cedar hat, a spear-thrower called an atlatl, and a leather pouch containing edible leaves and the remains of a fish) have now been flown to Whitehorse and put into a freezer room to prevent deterioration."  Learn about this important find. - From -

Namu - Archaeology of Northwest Coast and Early British Columbia __ "Namu is a major archaeological site on the central Northwest Coast of North America, located at the mouth of the Namu river, in British Columbia. The site is important for its good preservation of Early Pacific period burials and stone tools."  A good overview with links to additional materials. - From -

Permits and Permitting - Archaeology __ Learn about archaeology permits, applying for one and what the qualifications are. - From - 

Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia __ "Welcome to the home page of the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia (UASBC). We are one of the largest avocational, underwater archaeological organizations in Canada." Learn about this underwater archaeology organization and its goals. - illustrated - From Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia - 


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