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Canberra __ "is the capital city of Australia and with a population of over 332,000, is Australia's largest inland city." A brief encyclopedic article with many links to related materials. - from Wikipedia - 

Canberra: Australia's capital city __ A detailed look at the history and culture of Canberra. Is the city really just a sheep station gone bad? You can make up your own mind. A great introduction to the Australian capital. - illustrated - from - 

Canberra Convention Bureau __ An excellent look at the city and its attractions, facilities, events and more. - illustrated - From Canberra Convention Bureau - 

Canberra History __ a brief overview of Canberra history. - From -

Canberra International Airport __ You will find basic airport information and flight times. - illustrated - From -


Canberra Map, Map of Canberra __ "Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of Canberra as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Canberra maps." - From -

Canberra Maps and Attractions Guide __ "Canberra Maps and Attractions Guide" Browse attractions with an interactive map of Canberra and find direct links to a few of them. - illustrated - From -

Canberra Photos __ You will find dozens of galleries of photos of Canberra and hundreds of posted individual pictures of Canberra. - illustrated - From -


Canberra pictures __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge pictures of Canberra, Australia. - illustrated - From - 

Canberra Pictures: Australian Capital Territory Photos...__ A collection of click-to-view pictures of Canberra. - illustrated - From -
Canberra Times __ Online newspaper. - illustrated - From -

Canberra Tourism __ "Official site. A comprehensive guide to what to see, what to do and where to stay in the capital city of Australia." - illustrated - From -

Canberra travel __ "Canberra is often described by Australians who haven't been there as a boring town, full of politicians, bureaucrats - and not much else. But those who go there find a picturesque spot with beautiful galleries and museums, as well as excellent restaurants, bars and cafes." This and more. - From - 

CitySearch Canberra __ From housing to night life to visitor information, you can find it here in this directory of the city. - From -
The National Capital Authority __ "The purpose of the National Capital Authority is to manage the Commonwealth Government�s continuing interest in the planning and development of Canberra as the Australian National Capital." You can read about their activities, plans and successes. - illustrated - From - 


National Gallery of Australia Home __ Learn about this excellent museum and its exhibits. You will find images, membership and donor information, history and plans for the future. - illustrated - From - - 

National Museum of Australia __ Learn about this excellent museum and its exhibits. You will find images, membership information, learn what goes on behind the scenes, history and plans for the future. - illustrated - From - 

population of Canberra 2010 __ Canberra population figure - From -

Welcome to Australia's National Capital __ A fascinating look at the capital city. The fact that I seldom use "fascinating" in any review should be a clue. Dozens of topics to choose from. When you click on a topic, it opens a new window. - illustrated - From Australian Capital Tourism Corporation -

What is Canberra city profile? __ You will find a brief overview of Canberra. - illustrated - From - 


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