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Cologne Cathedral, Cologne __ Overview of the cathedral and its history. - illustrated - From - 

Cologne Christmas Market, Cologne winter vacations, holidays __ A brief overview of these winter festivals. - illustrated - From -

Cologne City Guide __ "Its location on the Rhine, at the heart of Germania, was key to its status as capital of the province. The city became a centre for worship, famous for the legend and cult of Santa Ursula, and built several splendid Romanesque churches, which survive today. By the Middle Ages, Cologne was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire and in 1248 work began on its mighty cathedral, designed to house the relics of the Three Wise Men. Known as the Dom (pronounced dome), it was once the world’s tallest building and is arguably still the world’s greatest Gothic edifice, attracting pilgrims from all over Europe,..." Cologne still attracts visitors from around the world. Learn why. - illustrated - From World Travel Guide -


Cologne Germany Travel Essentials - Cologne Profile __ You will find some general information and links to additional materials. - From -

Cologne Golf Courses and Cologne Golf Clubs __ A listing of Cologne golf venues and a brief summary of each. - From -  

Cologne Hotels, Cologne Vacations & Tourism, Cologne Attractions ... __ Find most of what you need to plan a trip to cologne. Reviews, recommendations and more. - From - 

Cologne Restaurants - Reviews __ "...380 restaurant reviews and photos of restaurants in Cologne, Germany from real travelers and locals." - illustrated - From -

Cologne Shopping - Reviews __ 135 tips on where to shop and what to buy in Cologne. - illustrated - From -  

Cologne Tourism - Cologne Vacation Reviews - Cologne Vacations ... __ You will find articles, resources and reviews. - illustrated - From - 


Cologne Tourism and Things to Do ... __ Find travel reviews, photos, and deals for Cologne hotels, things to do, restaurants, nightlife, and more. - illustrated - From - 

Cologne Tourist Board __ Official site of the Cologne Tourist Board, jam-packed with information and images. "Dear visitor, We are pleased to welcome you as our guest in Cologne and hope you will enjoy exploring the city's 2000-year history."  Click on English language icon if you don't read German. - illustrated - From KölnTourismus GmbH -

Cologne travel guide __ "The distinctive flavour to the city of Cologne is often put down to the inhabitants, or Kölsche, who take an enormous amount of pride in their city. Cologne, like most areas of Germany, has its very own local dialect of German, though this is unlikely to hinder the average sight-seeing tourist, as many of the landmarks of the city have English-speaking guides and information." This and much more. - From -

Cologne Travel Guide __ "Cologne, or Köln as the Germans call it is a great city. Lively, with many pubs, restaurants, and nightlife, but also old, with lots of history, monuments, and sights. Carnival celebrations in Cologne are famous, and that's a great time to visit the city." A lot of information about Cologne tourism here. - illustrated - From - 

Destination Germany - Cities - Cologne - The art capital on the Rhine __ "The city's very name bears witness to its Roman past as the town of Colonia. As well as the legacy from Roman times and the Middle Ages, particularly ..." You will find not only history but information about Cologne's major attractions. - illustrated - From -

Golf Guide Cologne: Golf Courses and Driving Ranges near Cologne __ "Detailed information including photos, rates, maps, driving directions and weather forecast for golf courses near Cologne, Germany." - illustrated - From -  

Introduction to Cologne __ "Cologne (Köln), the largest city in the Rhineland, is so rich in antiquity that every time a new foundation is dug, the excavators come up with archaeological finds. Devastating though the World War II bombing was -- nearly all the buildings of the Altstadt were damaged -- reconstruction brought to light a period of Cologne's history that had been a mystery for centuries." Read about the city's history then learn about tourism, shopping, night life and many more things to do while visiting the city. - illustrated - From - 


Restaurants in Cologne __ You will find overviews of several find Cologne restaurants.  You may also search restaurants by price. - From -

Take the Kids to Cologne/Koln, Germany | Family Travel Guide __ An overview of things to do with kids in Cologne.  I would never get out of the chocolate factory. - illustrated - From -

Things to Do in Cologne with Kids - Children Activities in Cologne __ "Here is a list of 98 things to do in Cologne with kids."  And good information about each. - illustrated - From -    

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