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All About México City - Golf and Tennis __ "Although México City is verdant and home to nine golf courses. But there is not one golf club that openly welcomes visitors. In fact, it is very difficult, though not impossible to play golf in México City. Most of the courses do not even allow members of other clubs to enjoy their facilities."  Perhaps this will help you plan a vacation or business trip to Mexico city. - From - 

Basilica de Guadalupe Mexico City __ You will find an overview of the churches (old and new) along with photos. - illustrated - From - 

Exploring Mexico City | Planeta __ "Exploring Mexico City is a guide online, the first website focusing on
ecotourism, conservation and concientious travel around the globe." You will find general information about Mexico City, list of attractions and more. - illustrated - From -

Mexico City Attractions __ You will find a listing of attractions and places to see in Mexico City. - You will find dozens of attractions in click-to-read format. - From -

Mexico City.- attractions __ "As in a complex mosaic, each of the principal areas of Mexico City contains archeological sites, buildings from the Viceroyalty, from the 19th Century, and of more contemporary design, and outstanding museums and cultural centers housed, on occasion, in ancient edifices or in newer purpose-built constructions." You can learn about many all of them here. - illustrated - From -

Mexico City Attractions, Mexico City Sightseeing __ Photos and descriptions of some of the attractions in and around Mexico City. - illustrated - From -


Mexico City for kids __ "Don’t be scared off by all the reports of kidnappings and taxi assaults in Mexico City—it has a lot to offer a family, and we felt fairly safe once we knew what to avoid. So only get into taxis called by your hotel or restaurant, use common sense when exploring, and enjoy!"  A lot of fun things for kids in Mexico City. - illustrated - From -

Mexico City Golf Courses, Golf Clubs: Golf Courses in Mexico City __ "Mexico is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading golfing destinations and Mexico City is no exception to this, with a number of outstanding golf courses."  You will find reviews of a few of them and a list of others. - From -

Mexico City, Mexico -- National Geographic's Ultimate City Guides __ Get travel tips, view photos, take a quiz and more. - illustrated - From National Geographic Society -


Mexico City Restaurants | Fodor's Restaurant Reviews __ "Mexico City has been a culinary capital ever since the time of Moctezuma. Chronicles tell of the extravagant banquets prepared for the Aztec emperor with more than 300 different dishes served. Today's Mexico City is a gastronomic melting pot, with some 15,000 restaurants."  You will find reviews and can search by cuisine or price range. - From -

Mexico City Restaurants: Read Mexico City Restaurant Reviews __ 10000 traveler reviews of 742 Mexico City restaurants.  You may also search by price and cuisine. - From -  

Mexico City Tourism __ A good overview of Mexico city with photos and brief descriptions of attractions. You will also find information about other Latin American destinations. - illustrated - From - 

Mexico City Tourism : Introduction to Mexico City, DF - Yahoo! Travel __ "Set over 2400m up in its shallow mountain bowl and crammed with over 20 million people (from fewer than five million in 1960), MEXICO CITY is one of the world's most densely populated urban areas, said to receive a thousand immigrants each day from the rest of the country." You will find an excellent resource to help plan your vacation or business trip. - From -

Mexico City Tourism - Mexico City Vacation Reviews - Mexico City ... __ You will find articles, resources and reviews. - illustrated - From -

Mexico City Tourist Traps - Overrated Attractions __ "Tips to help you avoid overrated attractions in Mexico City, Mexico from real travelers and locals." - From - 

Mexico City travel guide __ An open-source travel guide for Mexico City. - illustrated - From / -


Mexico City Travel Guide - Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing __ "Plan your trip to Mexico City with The New York Times Travel Guide" - illustrated - From -  

Travel for Kids: Mexico City, Mexico __ Fun things to do with your kids in Mexico city. - illustrated - From -

Zocalo Of Mexico City __ An overview of the great plaza with several photos. You will find links to several other Mexico city attractions too. - illustrated - From - 

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