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Getting About in Hanoi __ This resource answers your questions about traffic, money, shopping, customs, and much more. - From .adoptvietnam.org - http://www.adoptvietnam.org/travel/hanoi-guide.htm 

Hanoi __ "is the capital of Vietnam. From 1010 until 1802, it was the political centre of an independent Vietnam with a few brief interruptions. It was eclipsed by Huế during the Nguyen Dynasty as the capital of Vietnam, but served as the capital of French Indochina from 1887 to 1954." An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanoi 

Hanoi Clinics and Hospitals __ Clinics and hospitals most often used by westerners living in Hanoi. Scroll down to Hanoi. - From Catherine Coleman - http://www.adoptvietnam.org/travel/VNclinics.htm


Hanoi International School __ "Hanoi International School enables all students to realise their full potential in a caring and positive learning environment. Through our broad and balanced, international curriculum we endeavor to develop responsible, globally conscious citizens." Learn about the school and its programs. - illustrated - From hisvietnam.com - http://www.hisvietnam.com/

Hanoi Map - Hanoi Maps and Visitor Information __ Hanoi maps and visitor information. You will also find vacation reviews and travel articles, photos of Hanoi and more. - illustrated - From tripadvisor.com - http://www.tripadvisor.com/Resources-g293924-Maps-Hanoi.html

Hanoi Photos __ Galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Hanoi. - illustrated - From trekearth.com - http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Vietnam/Red_River_Delta/Ha_Noi/Hanoi/


Hanoi pictures __ You will find several pages of click-to-enlarge pictures of Hanoi. - illustrated - From Yahoo.com - http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-191501673-action-pictures-hanoi_vacations-i-tgphotoid-991345

Hanoi pictures, Hanoi images__ "Pictures of Hanoi. Welcome to the InfoHub Hanoi pictures and images page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Hanoi as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Hanoi images and photos." - From infohub.com - http://www.infohub.com/pictures/images_hanoi_426.html

Hanoi travel guide __ "Open source travel guide to Hanoi, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more." - From wikitravel.org - http://wikitravel.org/en/Hanoi 

Hanoi - Vietnam Landscapes __ You will find a multi-page presentation of annotated photos of Hanoi. - illustrated - From vietscape.com - http://www.vietscape.com/travel/hanoi/

Hanoi, Vietnam Photo Gallery by John Glines at pbase.com __ Collection of click-to-enlarge photos from around the city. - illustrated - From pbase.com - http://www.pbase.com/johnglines/hanoi 

History __ "In the 1st century of Christian reckoning the kingdom of Funan establishes itself in the Mekong delta, which today is Vietnamese territory. The founders of this kingdom have probably been Indian immigrants. In subsequent centuries Funan develops into a seafaring merchant power without expanding into a state with a large land area." And a fascinating story continues. Much of the history is about the country in general but it all centers around Hanoi. - illustrated - From hanoitravel.com - http://www.hanoitravel.com/index.cfm?menuid=5

History __ "Hanoi was known throughout history through many names. During Chinese domination of Vietnam, it was known as To^'ng Běnh and later Long ?o^~. In 866, it was turned into a citadel and was named ?a.i La." - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanoi#History 

Map of Hanoi __ Interactive map of Hanoi with zoom feature. - illustrated - From encarta.msn.com - http://encarta.msn.com/map_701512956/Hanoi.html

MAT- Photo Gallery- Hanoi, Vietnam __ Collection of photos from around the city. - illustrated - From Saint Ignatius High School - http://www2.ignatius.edu/faculty/turner/Galleries/Hanoi/default.htm 


Pictures of Hanoi Vietnam, A jewel in the heart of Asia __ "Pictures of Hanoi Vietnam. Assortment of images and pictures of Hanoi the financial heart of Vietnam that has managed to maintain many of its beautiful boulveards, parks, and French architechture." - illustrated - From asiatraveltips.com - http://www.asiatraveltips.com/PicturesofVietnam.shtml

population of Hanoi city 2010 __ Hanoi population figure - From trueknowledge.com - http://www.trueknowledge.com/q/population_of_hanoi_city_2010  

Viet Nam News __ Online newspaper. - from vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn - http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/

What is Hanoi city profile? __ You will find a brief overview of Hanoi. - illustrated - From quezi.com - http://quezi.com/4193

Zoological Museum, National University of Hanoi __ No animal pictures here but a general overview and catalog of species. - From Vern Weitzel - http://coombs.anu.edu.au/~vern/hnu-zoo-mus.html 


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