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American Western Expansion General Resources - Buffalo Soldiers Black Cavalry - Chinese Arrival in America - Gold & Silver Rushes - Lewis & Clark - Orphan TrainsOverland Trails - Pony ExpressComing of the Iron Horses  



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19th Century American General Resources - 19th Century American Industrialization/The Gilded Age - 19th Century American Immigrants - America's Victorian Age  

The Civil War

American Civil War General resources

American Civil War Lesson Plans

This is a subject for which hundreds of resources can be found online.  However, since there is a limited number of important documents available, though still in the thousands, there is no need to have numerous repetitions of resources leading back to the same historic texts.  

Most all of the most important can be found in just one place:

National Archives and Records Administration __ In a nutshell, this is the online collection of the United States National Archives. From the Declaration of Independence through current documents and treaties, if it is available to the public and has been made digital, it is here. - illustrated - From U.S. Government - http://www.archives.gov/index.html  


Avalon Project at the Yale Law School __ Documents ranging from treaties to presidential addresses, even letters and papers can be found in this extensive online collection. Many originate pre-18th century and yet had a strong influence on later U.S. history.- From Yale University - http://avalon.law.yale.edu/default.asp
Declaration of Independence __ Here is complete text of the Declaration of Independence. You will also find a listing the signers and the states they represented. - From Indiana University - http://www.law.indiana.edu/uslawdocs/declaration.html 


The Federalist Papers __ "The entire purpose of The Federalist Papers was to gain popular support for the then-proposed Constitution. Some would call it the most significant public-relations campaign in history; it is, in fact, studied in many public relations classes as a prime example of how to conduct a successful campaign." When you read them in this light, they are a truly amazing set of documents. - From University of Oklahoma - http://www.law.ou.edu/hist/federalist/ 

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Documents __ A truly amazing collection of important documents which effected the U.S. beginning with the Magna Charta through Bush's Inaugral Address in 2001. - From odur.let.rug.nl - http://odur.let.rug.nl/~usa/D/index.htm 

Little-Known U.S. Document __ "Some people today assert that the United States government came from Christian foundations. They argue that our political system represents a Christian ideal form of government and that Jefferson, Madison, et al, had simply expressed Christian values while framing the Constitution. If this proved true, then we should have a wealth of evidence to support it, yet just the opposite proves the case." The Treaty of Tripoli is a clear admission by the U.S. that our government is not founded upon Christianity. - From earlyamerica.com - http://www.earlyamerica.com/review/summer97/secular.html


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