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The resource links found on this page lead to more than 4000 recipes for kids.  What is listed here is only a starting point since the number of such websites is enormous and constantly in flux.  It would be impossible to cover them all in a directory such as this. The ones selected have demonstrated 'stability' and may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by or its editor. 



Absolute Recipes - For Kids __ You will find a collection of recipes that kids can enjoy as well as help prepare. - From -

Baking with Children Recipes and Tips __ Here are several recipes and tips for baking with children. - From -

Children's Recipes Index __ You will find dozens of recipes children can prepare divided by topic. - From - 

childrens recipes | kids recipes __ Here are many easy, delicious children's recipes, including beverages, candy, cookies, desserts, snacks and main dishes. - From -

Cooking Activities for Kids __ Here are a couple of hundred easy recipes for children. - From -

Cooking for Kids __ "Learning to cook gives kids a chance to help out at home. And what kid doesn't love hearing the family compliment their cooking? What's more, kids often find that food tastes better when they cook it themselves."  Recipes, resources and more. - From -    

Cooking with Kids - Fun Recipes for Kids in the Kitchen __ You will find dozens of kid friendly recipes.  Use the links on the right side of the page to access them all. - From -

Cooking With Kids, Kids Meal Recipes, Kids Snacks __ Many recipes divided by topic, advice for parents and much more. - From -


Cooking with Kids: Various Audiences __ Teach children about healthy eating by inviting them into the kitchen.  You will find recipes and related materials for cooking with kids from very young through teens. - From - - Recipes - Kids Can Make Themselves __ Here you will find over 300 recipes kids can make. - From -,1-0,kids_can_make_themselves,FF.html

Easy Kids Recipes Blog __ You will find cooking articles and commentary revolving around the topics of helping parents prepare better meals for kids and helping kids to get involved in cooking as well. - From -    

Food - Cooking with Kids __ "Let your kids help you in the kitchen with these great recipes just for kids. Many of these recipes include step-by-step instructions for your children to follow including useful information about kids using microwaves." - From - 

Kid Kitchen __ Easy to make recipes that all kids can do. - 

Kid-Friendly Recipes __ Fun recipes to make such as "How Now Brown Cow," "Cinna-Yummy Rice Cereal" and more. - From -

Kids Can Cook Too! Recipes for Kids and Older Children __ A couple of dozen recipes for kids to make. - From -  


Kids cooking lessons plans for children 3-18 years old from Kids Cooking Activities __ Here are kids cooking lessons divided into age appropriate groups. - From -

Kids cooking party ideas, tips and menu for a hands on cooking experience. __ Recipes and jam-packed with information and how-tos.  Might be a fun party for adults too. - illustrated - From -

Kids Craft recipes combines two great activities, cooking and crafts for kids __ These recipes are not for eating but still teach kitchen skills and it might make a nice break from baking cookies.  Kids craft recipes include cooking and preparing items such as play dough, face paint, potpourri, and much more. Kids love arts and crafts and when you put cooking and crafts together you have a winner. - illustrated - From - 

Kids Recipes __ Dozens of recipes for food that kids are going to want to eat as well as make. - illustrated - From -

Kids Recipes __ Over 170 recipes for kids. - from -

Kids Recipes __ Alphabetized collection of recipes designed either for kids or to be made by kids. - From -

Kids Recipes __ You will find a couple of dozen easy recipes for children to make. - From -

Kids Recipes and Foods | Cooking with Preschoolers | PBS KIDS Sprout __ You will find dozens of recipes for your children to prepare. - illustrated - From - 

Kids' Recipes - Recipes for Kids - Cooking with Kids | FamilyFun __ "Cooking is a skill that helps children read, do math and organize their work logically. This school year, spend more time with your kids in the kitchen and teach them how to cook with easy kids' recipes from FamilyFun. "  You will find many recipes and instructions. - illustrated - From -


Non-reader recipes for the very young. __ "If your kids aren't old enough to read yet they most likely shouldn't be cooking on the stove, using knives or kitchen appliances."  But there are things they can do and the recipes are 'pictures' for the younger set.  Recipes are PDF format, Acrobat reader needed. - illustrated - From -

Party Foods: Desserts __ Children will enjoy building their own ice cream sundae, eating fruit pizza, or making cookie art by painting icing onto sugar cookies. Recipe for homemade ice cream also included. - From -

Pratt's Children's Recipes & Links __ Many resources, recipes and more. - From -  

Recipes for Kids __ You will find over 1200 kid's recipes. - From -

Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online __ Here you will find 350 step-by-step recipe videos for you and your kids. - illustrated - From -  


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