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A to Z Kids Stuff | Missouri __ General information about Missouri for kids along with history resources. - Fro atozkidsstuff.com - http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/missouri.html

Find a Grave - Missouri ___Brief biographies of 1,724 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave - http://www.findagrave.com/php/famous.php?page=state&FSstateid=26

Historical Museums of Missouri - A History Guide __ "Missouri history musuems directory. Learn about historic Missouri and discover the history of Missouri people. Locate history museums in Missouri, state symbols, historic photos, history timeline and other Missouri history data." - illustrated - From censusfinder.com - http://www.censusfinder.com/missouri-historical-museums.htm

History of Missouri __ "In 1673, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet sailed down the Mississippi River in canoes along the area that would later become Missouri. The two established that the Mississippi River ran all the way to the sea. In 1682, Robert de LaSalle claimed the Louisiana Territory for France." An encyclopedic article about the history of Missouri. - from wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Missouri  

History of Missouri __ A brief overview of the history of Missouri along with links to additional resources. - From rootsweb.com - http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bbrooks/Missouri/history.htm 

History of Negroes in Missouri 1710-1970___"... this article should help replace error with truth and myth with reality. It should give to black people a sense of identity with Missouri’s history, a feeling of pride in their accomplishments and a heightened satisfaction in their self-image." - Text only - By Dr. Lorenzo J. Greene, Antonio F. Holland & Gary Kremer, Lincoln University - http://www.duboislc.org/MissouriBlacks/BlackMissouriHistory.html 

Missouri ___A good overview of the history of Missouri, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease - http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0108234.html 

Missouri Became the 24th State ___Topics touched upon in this article are written in text suitable for younger students. They include the Louisiana Purchase, ironclad ships, and the Civil War. - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress - http://www.americaslibrary.gov/jb/nation/jb_nation_missouri_1.html 

Missouri Early Information ___Lots of pages about such topics as state flags and county founding dates. - Illustrated - From the MOGenWeb Project - http://www.rootsweb.com/~mogenweb/hints.htm 

Missouri Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From Ghosttowns.com - http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/mo/mo.html 


Missouri: History ___Topics include territorial status, slavery and politics. - Text only - From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. - http://www.factmonster.com/ce6/us/A0859686.html

Missouri History Museum __ "Preserves St. Louis and Missouri history through exhibitions, programs, research, publications, archives and permanent collections."  Articles, resources and membership information. - illustrated - From mohistory.org - http://www.mohistory.org/

Missouri History: Native Americans through First Settlements __ In-depth overview of early Missouri history. - From kindredtrails.com - http://www.kindredtrails.com/Missouri-History-1.html

Missouri Secretary of State Kids: History & Fun Facts __ Collection of click-to-read articles for the younger student. - From State of Missouri - http://www.sos.mo.gov/kids/history/

Missouri State History __ A general look at Missouri history with a timeline. - From thingstodo.com - http://www.thingstodo.com/states/MO/history.htm  

Missouri, Timeline of State History __ "Find a timeline detailing important dates, events, and significant developments in the history of the " Me State." Includes links to education and media sites." - From shgresources.com - http://www.shgresources.com/mo/timeline/ 
SOS, Missouri - State Archives Missouri History ___"All About Missouri: History & Highlights". You'll find many articles of an historic nature, a history timeline, facts, projects and databases. - Illustrated - From the Office of the Secretary of State, Missouri - Matt Blunt - http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/history/ 


State of Missouri History ___Not an attractive page, but the facts are here. - Text only - From SouthEastern Genealogy - http://www.segenealogy.com/missouri/mo_state/history.htm 

Terry's 1904 World's Fair Page ___"The event commemorated by the St. Louis Exposition was the purchase of the Louisiana territory from France under the Administration of President Thomas Jefferson in 1803. It was the acquisition of an empire by the processes of peace and diplomacy, startling to the civilized world. Its magnitude and full significance were not appreciated at the time, but looking back over the one hundred years of development of this vast area, embracing so much of our country west of the Mississippi, none fails to recognize in the event a sufficient inspiration for the unsurpassed exposition held in the chief city within the purchased territory." This site is huge; plan for a long visit. - Illustrated - http://www.tlaupp.com/ 

The US50 - A Guide to the State of Missouri ___A general state history overview and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and TheUS50.com - http://www.theus50.com/missouri/history.php


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