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Alcohol Free Drinks... from Billy Bear __ A great list of alcohol free drinks you can whip up yourself. - From -  

FamilyFun: New Year's Eve Activities __ "To those who say New Year's Eve, with its late hours and reputation for excess, is a tough holiday to celebrate with kids, FAMILYFUN readers can only laugh and smile knowingly...There's inspiration for games and decorations, for midnight madness and quiet reflection, and for fitting in a full dose of fun without losing sleep. Happy New Year!" - illustrated - From -   

Happy New Years - New Years Eve Crafts __ "Ready or not here it comes.... The new year is just around the corner! Are you ready for it? Make this New Year's Celebration the best yet with these fun crafts and activities."  From making fancy candles and holders to New Year time capsules, there are many ideas here. - From - 

New Year Recipes __ "Ring in the new year in style with recipes from Better Homes and Gardens® Online. Serve up a few tasty appetizers then top off your celebration with sweet desserts. Don't forget the beverages; check out the warm and cold beverages to serve at your party." - illustrated - From Better Homes and Gardens -


New Year Traditions __ Learn about a variety of traditions from international celebrations to football and the baby. - From -  

New Year Traditions around the world: Father Time's Net. Favorites. Songs, recipes, traditions, toys, games, movies, bookmarks, facts, myths, legends. __ The title is the review.  You will find it all here. - illustrated - From - 

New Year's Day __ "Not all countries celebrate New Year at the same time, nor in the same way. This is because people in different parts of the world use different calendars. Long ago, people divided time into days, months, and years. Some calendars are based on the movement of the moon, others are based on the position of the sun, while others are based on both the sun and the moon. All over the world, there are special beliefs about New Year." - From C. Webber -


New Year's Day Family Activity Kit __ "New Year's Eve has come and gone and the party's over. But it doesn't have to be! Try these fun ideas to do with your kids after New Year's Day." - From Pearson Education Inc -,1120,1-4226,00.html 

New Year's Eve Party Fun for the Whole Family __ A basic party planning guide for the whole family. - From - 

New Year's Party Ideas __ From locating the best places to celebrate to dealing with the 'next day,' you will find many good ideas here. - from -


New Year's: Recipes, Activities, Crafts and Tips __ A great list or resources covering everything from party planning to recipes.  You will even find information on how to keep a party from turning into a disaster. - From - 

New Year's Recipes and Black Eyed Peas __ Recipes for black eyed peas, non-alcoholic beverages and much more. - From - 

Opening Champagne - Step By Step __ Just what the title claims, with pictures. - illustrated - from -


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