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Acadian History __ "Almost all the names of places and regions in North America are copies of place names in Europe or derivations of Indian words. Acadie or Acadia can be either, or it may be a combination of both." You will not only learn about the origin of the name but find a great history, settling family names and a timeline. - From George C. Rose - 

Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Nova Scotia __ A compilation of resources and links related to Nova Scotia history. - From Jessica Veinot - 

The Chignecto Isthmus And Its First Settlers __ You will find an in-depth historic look at the Bay of Fundy region. - From Howard Trueman - 

History of Nova Scotia __ You will find the history of Arcadia, in Nova Scotia, from 1605 through the first siege of Louisburg. - illustrated - From Peter Landry -


Index to History of Nova Scotia __ Extensive private archive of Nova Scotia history in dozens of click-to-view pages. "This is the index to an online history of Nova Scotia which gives special attention to Communications and Transportation." - From -

Nova Scotia Historic Notes __ Many tid-bits of Nova Scotia history. Did you know: "The women saved Chester Nova Scotia from invading forces in 1782 by reversing their scarlet lined skirts - appearing as a British regiment." Well, now you do and there is much more. - From Tower Software -


Nova Scotia History Index __ A directory to online information about the history of Nova Scotia. "These are facts, historical facts. Not schoolbook history, not Mr. Wells's history, but history nevertheless. Casper Gutman, in Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon" Good place to research some of the lesser known aspects of Nova Scotia history. - From Unknown -

Nova Scotia's Electronic Attic __ Here is a long, long list of links to interesting information about Nova Scotia with an emphasis is on history. - From Ivan Smith -


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