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Great American Disasters State by State

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These pages do not begin to cover all the disasters that have taken place in every state.  There is also controversy over what constitutes and defines a "great" disaster from any other kind.  All disasters are "great" to those directly involved in them.

So these pages are a mix of "great" and "not so great" disasters.  The major disasters are all covered in the larger sites I have linked to as resources and the rest are related items of interest.

For example, you might not find a particular major disaster on this list, but it may be included in a site such as, which is one of the resources found here.

This is an excellent place to begin your research.  The links found here lead to an ever widening amount of information.  Good luck in your efforts.

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1919 Florida Keys Hurricane __ "The Florida Keys Hurricane or Atlantic Gulf Hurricane of 1919 was an intense Atlantic hurricane, killing over 600 people as it moved through the Florida Keys and Texas." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

BP Americas Texas City isomerization unit explosion __ "BP's Texas City Refinery in Texas City, Texas is the second-largest oil refinery in the state and the third-largest in the United States. It has an input capacity of 437,000 barrels per day (18,354,000 gallons or 69,477,448 litres) as of January 1, 2005. A major explosion occurred in an isomerization unit at the site on March 23, 2005, killing 15 workers and injuring more than 170 others." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

Comanche, TX Explosion and Fire, Jan 1900 __ "Fire at Comanche ... destroyed two sides of the public square." An overview. - From Tim Taugher/ -,-tx-explosion-fire,-jan-1900

Delta Airlines Flight 191 __ "On the afternoon of August 2, 1985, Delta Air Lines flight 191 crashed while on approach to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, killing 8 of 11 crew members and 126 of the 152 passengers on board and one person on the ground: a total of 135 deaths." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

FEMA: Texas State Disaster History __ Texas Disaster History. Major Disaster Declarations. Click on the 'disaster #' on the right side of the list to access detailed information including images and more. - illustrated - From FEMA - 

The Galveston Hurricane Of 1900 __ "The deadliest hurricane in United States history hit the coast in 1900." A brief overview of the Galveston hurricane with links to related information. - From -
Galveston, TX Hurricane - September 18, 1900 __ "The deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history was the hurricane that ripped into the rich, port city of Galveston, Texas, on September 18, 1900. The category 4 storm devastated the island city, killing 1 in 6 residents and destroying..." - illustrated - From -

Historic Disasters: Texas Disasters __ List of Texas disasters with live link to each. - From -

How to Prepare for Disasters - Disaster Preparedness * Texas __ "Links to disaster preparedness information for: families, individuals, children, youth, older adults, childcare centers, daycare centers, college students ..." This and more. - From - 

Hurricane Carla Hits Texas Coast, Sept 1961 __ "Carla, termed the most intense hurricane aimed at the Texas coast this century, lashed Louisiana and Texas with 173-mile-an-hour winds and battering 11-foot tides..." An overview with links to additional information. - From Stu Beitler/ -,-sept-1961
New London Texas School Explosion __ "New London was an oil well community. The public school there was heated with Natural gas. (At that time natural gas was odorless and colorless.) There was a gas leak from a pipe in the school boiler room." A brief overview. - illustrated - From -


Off the Kuff: The Wichita Falls Tornado __ "Twenty-five years ago, a massive tornado levelled the North Texas city of Wichita Falls, killing 42 people and injuring 1700." A good look back. - From -

Phillips Disaster __ An encyclopedic article. "The Phillips Disaster occurred at approximately 1:00 PM local time on October 23, 1989, in Pasadena, Texas. A massive and devastating explosion and fire ripped through the Phillips 66 Company's Houston Chemical Complex (HCC), killing 23 persons -- " - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

The Texas City Disaster __ "A ship in the Texas City harbor bearing a cargo of ammonium nitrate fertilizer destined for war torn Europe, caught fire. The fire department was on the scene trying to put out the fire, and a crowd of people (many children) had gathered to watch the firefighters." Learn about the results of that conflagration. - From -

Texas Disasters Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, Mine Explosions and more __ Events that touched our ancestor's lives: Texas floods, fires, Tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, mining accidents, explosions, train wrecks, tragic accidents and more. - illustrated - From -

Texas, Disasters Timeline, 21st Century __ Timeline of Texas disasters since 2000. - From -

Texas-Oklahoma wildfires of 2005-06 __ "The Texas-Oklahoma wildfires of 2005-06 are a series of wildfires primarily in the states of Texas and Oklahoma that began November 27, 2005, and continue into April 2006. Surrounding states have also been affected to a lesser extent." An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - From wikipedia -

Texas Tornadoes __ A photo and text overview of several Texas tornados. - illustrated - From Texas A&M University -

Tornado Disaster -- Texas, May 1997 __ "On May 27, 1997, multiple tornadoes swept through Williamson and Travis counties in central Texas. The tornadoes caused 32 injuries, 29 deaths, and an estimated $20 million in personal and commercial insured losses. This report summarizes the injuries and deaths associated with these tornadoes..." - From - 

Waco Tornado __ "The Waco Tornado was a tornado measuring F5 on the Fujita scale that struck Waco, Texas on May 11, 1953. It was part of a tornado outbreak that occurred from May 9 to May 11, 1953 across the central plains." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 



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