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1940s __ An encyclopedic look at the 1940s with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1940s


1940s the Decade of War __ "BOOM! BANG!! BAM! Can you hear that? That's the sound of weapons in World War II. In the 1940's, it was not the happiest decade. It was actually full of killing and blood. Yet, it also had some interesting sports, games, and famous people. Before World War II there were many poor people. Suddenly there were headlines saying, "Japs declare war. Attack U.S." You will find a lot of interesting information. - From Kyrene School District - http://www.kyrene.k12.az.us/schools/brisas/sunda/decade/1940.htm


1940s history including Popular Culture, Prices, Events ... __ "To provide an estimate of inflation we have given a guide to the value of $100 US Dollars for the first year in the decade to the equivalent in todays money. If you have $100 Converted from 1940 to 2005 it would be equivalent to $1433.77 today" - From thepeoplehistory.com/ - http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1940s.html


1940's Music played in the 40's Bands groups singers memories __ Interesting introductory article plus video and audio of 1040s music. - illustrated - From thepeoplehistory.com - http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/40smusic.html


1940s.org | 1940-1949 History Fashion Movies Music __ An extensive site about the 1940s with audio and video components. - illustrated - From 1940s.org - http://1940s.org/ 


1940's Patterns and Vintage Images __ You will find scans of vintage patterns, fashion illustrations, photographs of original clothing and more from the 1940s. - illustrated - From sensibility.com - http://sensibility.com/vintageimages/1940s/


1940s Timeline - History Timeline of the 1940s __ Annotated timeline of important dates and events. - From about.com - http://history1900s.about.com/od/timelines/tp/1940timeline.htm 


African American History and Women - Timeline 1940-1949 __ Annotated timeline. - From about.com - http://womenshistory.about.com/od/aframwomentimeline/a/aaw1940_time.htm

The American Experience/ Charles Lindbergh/ Primary Sources __ Here you will find the text of two of Lindbergh's speeches opposing America's involvement in the war in Europe. His first speech argues that we should not get involved because we would lose. The second speech states that we're being drawn into this conflagration by the British, American Jews, and FDR. - From PBS - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/lindbergh/filmmore/reference/primary/index.html




American History - Decade 1940 - 1949 __ "The 1940's were dominated by World War II. European artists and intellectuals fled Hitler and the Holocaust, bringing new ideas created in disillusionment. War production pulled us out of the Great Depression."  A good overview with links to many additional resources. - illustrated - From kclibrary.lonestar.edu - http://kclibrary.lonestar.edu/decade40.html


American Women Through Time: 1940-1949 __ A timeline with click-to-read articles and resources. - From  mtsu.edu - http://frank.mtsu.edu/~kmiddlet/history/women/time/wh-1940s.html   

America's Best History U.S. Timeline, 1940-1949 __ A well annotated timeline of the decade of the 40s. - From americasbesthistory.com - http://americasbesthistory.com/abhtimeline1940.html


Category:1940s fashion __ Index of articles and resources about 1040s fashion found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1940s_fashion


Film History of the 1940s __ "The early years of the 40s decade were not promising for the American film industry, especially following the late 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, and the resultant loss of foreign markets. However, Hollywood film production rebounded and reached its profitable peak of efficiency during the years 1943 to 1946 ..."  A great look at 1940's film history. - illustrated - From filmsite.org - http://www.filmsite.org/40sintro.html  

The Forties __ "It was the best of times and the worst of times: It's a Wonderful Life and six million Jewish deaths. ``White Christmas'' and black lists. Gas rationing and Guadacanal. Casablanca and Hiroshima. V-2 rockets and V-J Day." That covers a lot of it. - illustrated - From Oak Ridge National Laboratories - http://www.ornl.gov/info/swords/forties.html




A History of American Agriculture: 1940 __ Annotated timeline of American agriculture during the 40s. - From agclassroom.org - http://www.agclassroom.org/gan/timeline/1940.htm


How to Dress in the American 1940's Fashion __ Yep, it tells you how. - illustrated - From wikihow.com - http://www.wikihow.com/Dress-in-the-American-1940%27s-Fashion

Kilroy Was Here __ "... the 1940s remain one of the most pivotal decades of the 20th century. The Ohio Historical Society brings that era to life in Kilroy Was Here!: The 1940s Revisited,..." Links to other stories of the times. - From Ohio Historical Society - http://www.ohiohistory.org/etcetera/exhibits/kilroy/index.html


Movie Timeline: 1940- 1949 __ Introductory article and annotated timeline of 1940s movies. - From pictureshowman.com - http://www.pictureshowman.com/timeline_1940_1949.cfm


Pop Culture Goes to War in the 1940s __ "Hollywood stars, radio personalities and the musicians enlisted in the war effort, as well, both on the frontlines and on the Home Front."  A good overview. - illustrated - From livinghistoryfarm.org - http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe40s/life_07.html


Progressive Education in the 1940s __ A video about education in the 1940s - video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opXKmwg8VQM




Singing in the rain: 1940's American Popular Culture __ "What must have been the effects on their self-understanding and form of life, for working and middle class 1940's Americans, who had no notion of alternative appealing cultural forms and also lacked anthropological perspective on the relation between persons and their symbols, of being immersed in a social environment permeated by this kind of imagery, and enjoying it (partly, of course, because this environment encouraged them to want to believe they enjoyed and wanted to enjoy it)?"  Article and links to additional resources. - From Brad McCormick, Ed.D. - http://www.users.cloud9.net/~bradmcc/sq/astaire.html

Unusual American cars of the 1940s __ "Brief look at unusual American cars of the 1940's, including the Crosley, Tucker, Kaiser, Packard, and Nash."  An essay. - From essortment.com - http://www.essortment.com/all/car_rtcy.htm


Web Generation 1940's Music, Fads, Entertainment, Personalities ... __ You will find many resources and articles about various aspects of the 1940s.  Many of the links lead back to Wikipedia. - illustrated - From wgeneration.com - http://www.wgeneration.com/1940.html 



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