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The Great 19th Century

19th Century American General Resources - 19th Century American Industrialization/The Gilded Age - 19th Century American Immigrants - America's Victorian Age



The Civil War

American Civil War General resources

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Black Tuesday after 70 Years __ Can a Great Depression happen again? Find out what this author thinks. He expresses the opinion people need to learn from that past event if they are to avoid repeating it. - From History News Service -

Greatest Moments and Scenes __ You will find collections of some of the most famous, unforgettable, or memorable movies and performances of 20th century. Search alphabetically by film title or browse 'Tribute to the 100 Greatest Film Scenes." - illustrated - From -  


Huey Long in Depth __ He was a controversial character and an irritation to many. You will find general information about him and his policies - some of it from his own mouth (figuratively speaking) - illustrated - From Social Security Online -

Pop History Now __ View information about history and culture on this date in past years.
Currently there are 625 weeks available, 1938-1993, though there could soon be 2,000. - From -




Vintage Clothing by Davenport and Company Fine Vintage Clothing and Accessories __ While this is a commercial site it is a very good source for descriptions of clothing, hats, and accessories from the early to mid-20th century. - illustrated - From Davenport and Company - 

Wright Brothers Build Powered Flying Machine __ "Wilbur and Orville Wright first became interested in flying machines when they were 11 and 7 years old, in 1878. “Our father came into the house one evening with some object partly concealed in his hands,” they later remembered, “and before we could see what it was, he tossed it into the air. Instead of falling to the floor, as we expected, it flew across the room till it struck the ceiling, where it fluttered awhile, and finally sank to the floor. It was a little toy.... a light frame of cork and bamboo, covered with paper [and driven] by rubber bands under torsion. A toy so delicate lasted only a short time in the hands of small boys, but its memory was abiding.” It is amazing just what that memory led to. You will find first hand accounts from the Wright brothers as well as other historic material. - From -



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