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African-American 'firsts' key to Army history __ "African Americans have a long and distinguished history of service in defense of the nation, and in particular, in service to the U.S. Army."  Article provides a general overview in this official U.S. Army website. - illustrated - From -


The African American Military History Museum __ "The Museum starts with the African American soldiers of the War of Independence pointing out Crispus Attics and the Boston Massacre through the soldiers of Washington..."  An overview of the museum and the history it exhibits. - illustrated - From -


African American Military Research Sources - Genealogy __ Here are some African American research sources that may be helpful in your research for your military ancestors. - From -

African American Soldiers ___This census list of 'Colored' troops resident in Baltimore in 1890 Census might prove useful to genealogists and military history buffs. - Text only - From the Maryland State Archives - 

Afro-American Soldiers ___This articles discusses such subjects of Black American soldiers during WWII, their segregation from the white troops, their contributions on the battlefield and their lives following the war. - Illustrated - From Spartacus Educational Schoolnet - 


African Americans in Early American Military History __   An essay style overview of African Americans in early American military history. - illustrated - From -


African-Americans in Military History ___"An extensive bibliography of documents relating to African-American military involvement. Maxwell Air Force Base offers current suggestions for Internet, video, and print media materials relating to the roles African-American played in every major American war." - Text only - From Air University Library Maxwell AFB, AL -


African Americans in the Military (Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee ... __ "Although African Americans have participated in every major U.S. war, the battle for integration and for recognition of the accomplishments of black soldiers has been a slow process..."  A general overview of history. - illustrated - From -



African Americans in the US Army - US Army Center Of Military History __ "This section of the official US Army site highlights African-American service. It discusses notable African-American officers and units and key events."  Click-to-read articles and more. - illustrated - From U.S. Army -


African Americans - U.S. NAVY, World War II Shipboard Service __ "The following pictures feature African-Americans serving on board Navy ships during World War II..." - illustrated - From - 

African Americans in the Vietnam War ___Two articles, the second much longer than the first, about the issues surrounding Black participation in the 1960s in general and during the Vietnam War in particular. - Text only - From the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) -


Black Americans in the US Military from the American Revolution to Korea __ A general and fairly detailed overview of this history. - From New York State Military Museum -


Black Soldiers in the Civil War __ A general look at the topic, mostly as background for teachers but not a lesson plan. - From The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration -


BLACK WINGS Contributions of African Americans to Air Force History __ A general history of Black participation and contributions to the U.S. Airforce. - illustrated - From -


Black Women's Military Contributions __ A history of Black Women in the military from the Revolutionary War to present day. - illustrated - From Unknown -


BSRM - African American Women and the Military __ "African American women have played a role in every war effort in United States history. They endured physical discomfort and personal criticism, while many of their contributions were unrecognized and unrewarded."  You will find stories, history, photo collections and links to additional material. - illustrated - From - -


Fighting for Respect: African-American Soldiers in WWI __ "As the people of the United States watched World War I ignite across Europe, African American citizens saw an opportunity to win the respect of their white neighbors. America was a segregated society and African Americans were considered, at best, second class citizens. Yet despite that, there were many African American men willing to serve in the nation’s military, but even as it became apparent that the United States would enter the war in Europe, blacks were still being turned away from military service."  A general overview in essay form. - From -  

First Rhode Island Regiment ___Following the text of an Act from the Rhode Island Legislature, 1778, you'll find a history of the raising of "... a black regiment to fill the ranks of the depleted 1st Rhode Island." - Text only - From - 


History of African Americans in the Civil War - Civil War Soldiers ... __ "Approximately 180,000 African Americans comprising 163 units served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many more African Americans served in the Union Navy. Both free African-Americans and runaway slaves joined the fight."  You will find participants, a historical overview, and Medal of Honor Winners. - From National Park Service -


History: African Americans in the U.S. Marine Corps __ "The first African-American Marine in recorded history was a slave known as John Martin or "Keto," who served during the American Revolution."  A good overview of Black Marine history. - From -


The History Place - African-Americans in WW II __ Brief article and collections of photos. - illustrated - From - 


Howard CW Sailor Project ___A database detailing the lives and service of more than 18,000 men and women of African descent who served in the U.S. Navy throughout the Civil War era. Search by name if known, or place of origin. - Illustrated - From the National Parks Service - 


Louisiana Native Guards ___Click on the thumbnail images to view enlargements, and in most cases, stories to accompany them about this celebrated Black regiment in the Civil War. - Illustrated - 

The Men of Montford Point - The First Black Marines ___A look at the history of Black marines, the difficulties they had to face and some brief biographies of several individuals. - Illustrated - From Carolyn A. Ferren -


The Military And African Americans __ Here is an essay style overview with embedded links to related materials. - From -


Military history of African Americans  __ "The military history of African Americans spans from the arrival of the first black slaves during the colonial history of the United States to the present day. There has been no war fought by or within the United States in which African Americans did not participate, ..."  Am encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -   


National Association of Black Military Women, A Veterans' Group ... __ The home page of this organization with history, membership information, personal stories and more. - illustrated - From -

New Hampshire's "Colored Patriots" Of The Revolution ___A brief career biography of William Cooper Nell, followed by an excerpt from one of his publications in 1855. - Text only - From -


Pictures of African Americans During World War II __ A brief article and click-to-view galleries of photos of African Americans in the military.  Many of the photo links are embedded within the text 'after' you click on the topic. - illustrated - From -  




Real African American Heroes __ "Real African American Heroes, is a website dedicated to all African Americans who over the years have made a difference."  You will find many resources, click-to-read articles and more. - illustrated - From - 

The Revolution's Black Soldiers ___Interesting information about Black participation in the War for Independence. - Illustrated - By Robert A. Selig - 

U.S.C.T. and Officers of African-American Descent ___A complete list of all 111 African American officers who served during the Civil War. - Text only - From the Missouri Commandery, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US - 


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