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80-20 __ This is a site dedicated to civil rights and the political process for Asian Americans. You will find articles, first person papers, political directories, history, and more. - From -

AALDEF: Press Release - Asian American Civil Rights Group Reports ... __ An interesting, and telling, article. "...A heavy turnout of Asian American voters in today's Presidential election, especially among new citizen and first-time voters, was marred by complaints about racist poll workers, improper demands for identification, and a shortage of Asian-language interpreters..." - From Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund -

Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment __ "The Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment (AWARE) was formed in September, 1993 as a grassroots, community support and advocacy group for Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County to fight police harrassment. Members include those from UCI and other communities in Orange County, Calif., but we welcome everyone who is committed to the civil rights struggle." - illustrated - From AWARE -

American Civil Liberties Union : Iranian American ""Know Your Rights"" Campaign Launched By National Organizations __ "The Iranian American community is an integral part of the fabric of America," said Dalia Hashad, the ACLU's Arab, Muslim, South Asian Advocate. "When they are targeted on the basis of their ethnicity, it's a disaster for every aspect of our country, including the government." Learn about the campaign and how you can participate. - from - 

Asian American Civil Rights Legal Group Debuts in New Jersey ... __ "...As a result of these and other issues that face the growing Asian-American community in the US, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), opened its doors this week in Newark, New Jersey to assist Asian-American citizens in this area with legal services." Learn about the organization, its goals and accomplishments. - From -

The Asian American Civil Rights Resource Guide __ "The history of Asian Americans is filled with abuses against them from virtually every segment of society and from every level of government. Fortunately, Asian Americans, as well as members of other minority groups, are able to turn to a number of state and federal statutes aimed at protecting their civil rights." You will find resources and abstracts. - From U.S. Department of Education -

Asian American Justice Center __ "Founded in 1991, the Asian American Justice Center (formerly the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium) works to advance the human and civil rights of Asian Americans through advocacy, public policy, public education, and litigation." Learn about the orginazation, goals and accomplishments. - From Asian American Justice Center. -

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund __ " Founded in 1974, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) is a national organization that protects and promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans. By combining litigation, advocacy, education, and organizing, AALDEF works with Asian American communities across the country to secure human rights for all." Organizational activities, goals and accomplishments. - From Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund - 

Asian Americans and Seattle's civil rights history __ "This page is a gateway to the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project resources for exploring the civil rights activism of Asian Americans in the Pacific Northwest. Included are activist oral histories, research reports, newspaper reports, photographic collections, maps, historical documents." - From - 

Asian Americans Unite to Fight The Ugly Stigma of Stereotypes __ Read about a united Asian front whose goal is to end the stereotypes of Asians found in the U.S. While other ethnic groups assimilate and are considered Americans, Asians are always regarded as foreigners regardless of how far assimilation has progressed or how many generations they have been here. - From -
Beyond Self Interest: Asian Pacific Americans Toward a Community of Justice __ "Beyond Self Interest: Asian Pacific Americans Toward a Community of Justice" is a significent online work about Asian civil rights. You can read online or download them in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. - From UCLA -


Children of the Camps/ INTERNMENT HISTORY __ "...Japanese Americans, half of whom were children, were incarcerated for up to 4 years, without due process of law or any factual basis, in bleak, remote camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards." Read this chilling story. You will find a timeline and related information. - From -

Chinese for Affirmative Action __ "CAA was founded in 1969 to protect the civil and political rights of Chinese Americans and advance multiracial democracy in the United States. Today, CAA is a progressive voice in and on behalf of the broader Asian and Pacific American community." Learn about the organization, goals and accomplishments. - From -
Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 __ Here is the complete text of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. - From - 


E Pluribus Unum (Except the Chinese) __ Here you will learn Chinese life in the United States during the 19th century. Learn about how civil war in southern China and a high demand for labor on the west coast influenced Chinese immigration, and how they were treated after they arrived. "During the whole of this period they were excluded from the city hospital in San Francisco, and the only ones to which they were ever freely admitted were the insane asylums and the pest-house." - illustrated - From the University of Virginia -


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