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African-Americans Military - African-Americans Notable People - African Americans: By Region, State and Locality - Black History Month - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - General Resources - Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Legislation, Historic Documents - Underground Railroad/Harriet Tubman  

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Civil Rights - Latino-American General Resources - Hispanic Heritage Month - Is it Hispanic or Latino? - Latino-Americans Military - Notable People - Specific Latino Cultural Information - Latino-American Regional Information

Some Specific Latino-American Cultures

Cuban American - Mexican-American - Puerto Rican



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Asian-American General Resources - Asian American Civil Rights - Asian-American Military Service - Asian-American Notable People

Some Specific Asian-American Cultures

Cambodian-American - Chinese-American - Filipino-American - Hmong-American - Indo-American - Japanese-American - Korean-American - Laotian-American - Persian-American - Thai-American - Vietnamese-American


Afro-American Lesson Plans - Hispanic-Americans / Latino Lesson Plans - Asian-American Lesson Plans - Multiculturalism & Tolerance Lesson Plans


Asian Martial Arts Studio: Lion Dance __ "Founded in 1983, hailed as "one of the five most prestigious performing ensembles in the state of Michigan" by the Michigan Council for the Arts, the Award winning Asian Martial Arts Lion Dance Troupe is made up of members chosen from within the kung-fu program." - illustrated - From - 

Chinatown __ Learn a bit about San Francisco's Chinatown. "This virtual tour not only shows you modern-day Chinatown but also reveals glimpses of the 'old' Chinatown intermingled with sights of the new." - illustrated - From -

Chinese American __ An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Chinese American History Timeline __ Important dates and events. - From -

Chinese American Medical Society __ "Programs, membership, news, health issues, links, and contact information." - From -

Chinese American Museum __ "Symbolically housed in the oldest and last surviving structure of Los Angeles’ original Chinatown, the 7,200 square foot Chinese American Museum (CAM) embodies both a cultural and physical link to the past and a promising point of entry for the city’s multicultural future."  Learn about the organization and its goals. - illustrated - From -

The Chinese Connection __ Learn the connection between studying the Chinese language and math skills. "Assessing the standardized test scores of Chinese-American pupils, Nuttall and two colleagues found those who had studied Chinese did significantly better in math than those who had not, with an average difference ranging between 30 and 80 points." - From Boston College Chronicle -


Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 __ Here is the complete text of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. - From - 

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California __ "The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California was founded in 1975 to discover and recognize our pioneers and their history." You will find a timeline, photo galleries, articles, maps, and cultural information. - illustrated - From - 

Committee of 100 __ "The Committee of 100 is a national non-partisan organization composed of American citizens of Chinese descent. Each member has achieved positions of leadership in the United States in a broad range of professions. With these diverse backgrounds, members collectively pool their strengths and experience to address important issues concerning the Chinese-American community, as well as issues affecting U.S.-China relations." - illustrated - From - 

The Eagle and the Dragon __ "For 150 years in the United States - years of menial labor and discrimination, as well as service and contributions to American culture - immigrants from China have not been welcomed with open arms. But Chinese Americans have prevailed and made a place for themselves." An extensive site about Chinese-American history and culture. - illustrated - From - 

Encyclopedia: List of famous Chinese Americans __ "The following is a list of Chinese Americans who are famous, have made significant contributions to the American culture or society politically, artistically or scientifically, or have appeared in the news numerous times" - From - 


Welcome to the Chinese American Service League! __ "Welcome to the website of the Chinese American Service League (CASL), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides services to children, youth, families, job seekers, the elderly, and more!" - From -

Welcome to the new FAPA website __ "FAPA's mission is educational. The organization provides US policy makers, the media, scholars and the general public with information on issues related to Taiwan. FAPA informs and updates Members of Congress and their staff on Taiwanese issues." - illustrated - From FAPA - 


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