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Please note that with regard to lesson plans dealing with anthropology, archaeology, indigenous people, ancient civilizations, history, etc, there may be some cross-over and blurring of lines between the topics.  For example, a lesson plan dealing with archaeology is automatically dealing with an anthropological subject.  A lesson plan dealing with indigenous people is also automatically dealing with anthropology and any of them may, or may not, be dealing with history or ancient civilizations.  While every attempt will be made to keep the topic lines as 'clean' as possible, be aware this may not always be possible.

Appropriate grade or age levels are included with the lesson plans.

The number of lesson plans available online for this topic are too numerous for a single list.  The following provides some idea of what is available and will hopefully be a good starting point.


*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.


Activities, Worksheets and Crafts for Presidents Day __ Mostly for younger students. - From -

The American Presidency __ A large collection of lesson plans and other resources for all grade levels. - From -

American Presidents Lesson Plans __ Here are 30 lesson plans about the American Presidency.  You will find material covering everything from biographies to writing a letter to the President. - From - 

American Presidents: Life Portraits __ You will find both lesson plans and class activities complete with resource materials, procedure and tips. - From - 

Copernicus Election Watch | Lesson Plan Index __ You will find numerous lessons gathered from many sources but all about the presidency and getting to the White House. - From - 


The Democracy Project . Lesson Plans - The Perfect President __ "After researching about the U.S. president's duties, students will brainstorm criteria for the "perfect president." The information will then be used to create a job description and newspaper article to advertise the presidency."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From PBS - 

I Do Solemnly Swear: Presidential Inaugurations __ "Presidential inaugurations have been solemn ceremonies and uninhibited celebrations. They are carefully scripted and they are unpredictable. They reflect tradition and they reflect the moment."  Wait till you read what some of our earlier presidents went through.  One even climbed out the window to escape the "party."  Goals, procedure, materials needed. - From National Endowment for the Humanities -

Inauguration Day Lessons __ A collection of lesson plans related to Inauguration Day. Goals procedure and additional resources. - From -  

Lesson Plans - Where Were the U.S. Presidents Born? __ "The U.S. Constitution requires that the President be born in the United States. The 42 Presidents were born in 20 of the 50 states (or in colonies that later became states)."  Full plan, goals procedures and materials. - From -

Lessons on American Presidents __ Ready to print plans and handouts plus a lot more. - From -


Portraits Of Power: American Presidents __ Students will discuss the role of the presidency and write essays.  Goals, materials and procedure. - From -

The Presidency of the United States __ A collection of thematic lessons and resources for teaching about American presidents. - From - 

The Presidential Nominating System __ "This lesson may be used to introduce students to the system of primaries and caucuses by which candidates for U.S. president are nominated by their parties. It will take 1 - 2 class periods. It may be used in any social studies class in which current events are discussed but it is especially relevant in a U.S. government or civics course." - Goals and procedure - From - 

Presidents - FREE American History Lesson Plans & Games for Kids __ A great collection of lesson plans and other resources for teaching about the presidents. - From -

President's Day activities for kids | Presidents Day Games __ A very large resource of lesson plans, games, activities and more with the option of "joining" to access even more. - From -

Presidents Day Activities and Lesson Plans __ "The Presidents Day seasonal pages will provide you with resources to help your students learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, as well as the office of President. Ideas within this section include: journal activities, lesson plans and internet resources." - From - 

Presidents Day Lesson Plans __ You will find a couple of dozen lesson plans with goals, procedures and materials. - From -  

President's Day Lesson Plans __ Many lessons for all grade levels.  Goals, procedure, class activities, materials needed, resources and more. - From - 

Presidents' Day Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets, and More...__ You will find everything in the title plus more. - from -

Presidents of the United States __ Middle school social studies lesson plan making use of the Internet.  Goals and procedure. - From -


Presidents of the United States lesson plans for elementary school teachers in grades K-6 __ Many lessons covering a wide range of topics.  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -

Talk With the Presidents Lesson Plan __ A lesson plan and crafts project for the younger student utilizing crafted finger puppets. - From -  

Teaching with Historic Places -- Presidential Lesson Plans __ "These lessons, based on sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places, are free and ready for immediate classroom use by students in history and social studies classes."  Goals, procedure and materials. - From National Park Service -

Presidents' Day Teaching Ideas for Older Students __ A couple of lessons with goals and procedures along with links to related materials. - From -

U.S. President: Facts (Social Studies Lesson Plan) __ A plan to get to know the president's names.  Goals, procedure and materials - From - 


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