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Please note that with regard to lesson plans dealing with anthropology, archaeology, indigenous people, ancient civilizations, history, etc, there may be some cross-over and blurring of lines between the topics.  For example, a lesson plan dealing with archaeology is automatically dealing with an anthropological subject.  A lesson plan dealing with indigenous people is also automatically dealing with anthropology and any of them may, or may not, be dealing with history or ancient civilizations.  While every attempt will be made to keep the topic lines as 'clean' as possible, be aware this may not always be possible.

Appropriate grade or age levels are included with the lesson plans.

The number of lesson plans available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all lesson resources relating to anthropology. That would be impossible, as sites appear and disappear with astonishing rapidity and the number of sub-disciplines is also enormous.  The following provides some idea of what is available and will hopefully be a good starting point.

You will also find related materials under other topic headings such as "archaeology," "aboriginal peoples," etc.


*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.


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Anthropology Activities and Lesson Plans __ A collection of lesson plans regarding culture, archaeology and more.  Goals, procedure and materials - From -

Anthropology and Archaeology Lesson Plans __ A small collection of resources, but good resources. - From -

Anthropology Lesson Plans __ A good collection of anthropology lesson plans.  The lessons are in PDF format and cover mostly archaeological and paleoanthropological subjects. - From Arizona State University - .

Anthropology Online Lesson Plans __  A collection of many free online lesson plans dealing with anthropological subjects. - From -

Anthropology Tutorials __ Here are thirty tutorials for topics in physical and cultural anthropology, flashcards and Web research activities provided for each. - From - 

Becoming Human: Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins __ You will find three lesson plans about the anthropology of human evolution.  Click on "learning center" then "lesson plans" - From - 


Common Visions, Common Voices __ "The borders that separate and connect different cultures often come into sharpest relief when we focus on themes and motifs found in the literature or the visual arts of several lands. With the Internet, students can discover such points of intercultural contact for themselves, crossing borders that can lead them to a broader perspective on the common vision human cultures share."  You will find objectives, procedure and materials. - From National Endowment for the Humanities -

Cultural Lesson Plans for Teachers about the Maya, Hmong, and ... __ You will find cultural lesson plans about the Maya, Hmong and Kiowa and
Comanche Peoples of the Southern Plains. Goals, procedure, materials, online resources and more. - illustrated - From -  

Early Humans __ "Students describe what is known through archaeological studies of the early physical and cultural development of mankind from the Paleolithic Era to the agricultural revolution,..."  You will find goals and procedure. - From Paradise Elementary School -

Elementary School Lesson Plan in Anthropology __ An anthropology lesson set in the state of Oregon but can be adapted.  Objectives, procedures and materials. -From -

Experience Rich Anthropology __ You will find A series of teaching cases developed during a three-year project at the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent at Canterbury. - From -

High School Lesson Plan in Anthropology __ An anthropology lesson set in the state of Oregon but can be adapted.  Objectives, procedures and materials. -From -

How to Use Anthropology in Teaching __ An almost lesson plan.  Close enough.  But some good suggestions anyway. - From -   

Internet Resources: Anthropology - For Teachers __ You will find numerous resources, some lesson plans and a lot of information in one place. - From -  


Learning About a Culture From a Story __ "Studying a story about the Eskimo culture helps students understand what factors can influence what happens to a culture." Objectives, goals and procedure. - From The Smithsonian -

Lesson Plan - Margaret Mead __ A Mini-Unit about Margaret Mead.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

Lesson Plans __ A collection of anthropology lesson plans. - From -

Lesson Plans | Museum of Man __ A collection of anthropological lesson plans and other resources.  Goals, procedure and materials.  Click on the title headings to access plans. - From -

Lesson Plans - Paleoanthropology What is Bipedalism? __ A lesson plan in the origin of humans vein.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

Lesson Plans - Paleoanthropology A Complex Career Choice __ "In this lesson, students consider how Dr. Alemseged chose paleoanthropology as his career as they learn more about the multifaceted field itself."  Goals, prodecure and materials. - From -   

Methods of Collecting Lesson Plan __ "To have students become aware of anthropology and the methods of collecting information in order to make conclusions about people and culture as an archaeologist does." - goals, methods and materials needed - From Wayne State University -

Middle School Lesson Plans: Culture __ A good collection of cultural lesson plans with goals, procedures and materials.  Links to additional resources too. - illustrated - From -

Money Pit __ This lesson plan makes use of coins to discover cultures.  You will find goals, methods and needed materials. - from Columbia Education Center -

PBS Teachers . Thematic Teaching . Forensic Science . Activity Ideas __ A collection of lesson plans in forensic anthropology ranging fro elementary school through grade 12. - From -  

Triangles Are Not Bad!__ "We must teach people how to operate in a world that is diverse and pluralistic. Schooling is not effective if it doesn't have a multicultural component. This is true now and will be even more so in the future. By 2000 AD, 1 in 3 will be minorities. 80% of the labor force will be women and minorities. By 2010 AD, 1 in 2 will be minorities." - Objectives, materials and procedure. - From Organization for Community Networks -


Where Did Humans Come From?__ Here, students may learn about and summarize the two hypotheses that theorize the process by which our species, Homo Sapiens, evolved and became differentiated from Homo Erectus and Neanderthal.- From -

Women in Anthropology __ Lesson plans about women in anthropology. "Grades 12-16. Suitable for introductory courses in cultural anthropology."  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

The World at the Fair | Anthropology - For Teachers __ Here are lesson plans and resources for secondary students of history to explore experiences and identities through historical analysis of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -  


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