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Please note: Some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.

Collector Link __ Data base for locating trading card collecting sites. Over 2000 sites are catalogued. - From - 

Collectors corner __ Some basic information and a large traders' list, mostly basketball cards. - illustrated - From card_marc -

How to Buy and Sell Sports Memorabilia __ "In the past 25 years, the value of sports memorabilia has only gone up. Because of that, this collecting category offers some good investments. It can also quickly become a very costly hobby." I guess that pretty much sums things up. You will find a lot of good information. - From - 

How To Start Collecting Sports Memorabilia __ Whether from the ancient world or the modern, there is an interest in sports and sports memorabilia. You will find an interesting article. - From - 

Insuring Your Sports Memorabilia Collection __ You will find good reasons to insure yours. - From - 

Lingo - The Language of Sports Memorabilia Collecting __ A Parent's Guide for Building a Collection Sports Lingo Like all collectibles, the sports memorabilia market has its own terms and slang. - From - 

Packers News - Sports memorabilia forgeries trick fans __ "The FBI in 2003 reported that at least half of the items sold in the $1 billion-a-year autographed sports and celebrity memorabilia industry were fake...Memorabilia dealers echo the warning." You have a need to read. - From - 


Rare antique vintage sports collectibles and memorabilia __ You will find a list of resources ranging from books to websites. - From - 

Sports Memorabilia 101: A Guide to Collecting, Valuing and Preserving Sports Collectibles ... __ "This article is designed to help both the collector and novice value, authenticate and preserve his or her collection of sports memorabilia." - From - 

Sports memorabilia and collectibles, collecting news, and trade information! __ An interesting online publication covering many aspects of sports collecting. - From - 

Sports Memorabilia Fraud __ "Using wiretaps and hidden cameras ... investigators uncovered a ring of forgers and distributors flooding the marketplace. The demand was there." An important piece of information for any collector. - From espn - 

Sportsology Cards __ You will find hobby news, reviews and first looks at trading cards from all major manufacturers, store finder and more. - illustrated - from - 

St. Louis Public Library - Sports memorabilia __ "Those new to collecting sports memorabilia, particularly autographed items, need to exercise caution. The FBI estimates that over 50% of all autographed sports items on the market are forgeries." An important article for the collector. - from - 

The Upper Deck Company __ This producer of major sports trading cards offers tips on collecting, card checklists, athlete search, hologram database, memorabilia registry, trade and hobby show information. - illustrated - From - 

Welcome to ANSPORTS NHL Hockey Collectibles __ "This web site is for hockey fans to view and show hockey collectibles. The collections feature such stars as Howe, Richards, Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, Joseph, Horton, Jagr. Awesome memorabilia from NHL players' families are also featured." - illustrated - From - 


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