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1952 Topps Baseball Cards __ History of the 1952 topps Baseball Card set. Complete checklist and images of all players comprising the entire set. You will find such players as Ted Williams, Stan Musial and Joe DiMaggio. - illustrated - From - 

Antiques Roadshow/Appraise It Yourself: Collecting Baseball Cards __ You will find lots of advice and recommendations for collecting baseball cards including investment advice and more. - illustrated - From - 

Baseball Card Collecting __ "There are as many different types of baseball collectors as there are types of baseball cards…which type are you? Some collectors take the hobby very seriously and invest a lot of money and time on their prized baseball card collections. Other collectors enjoy the hobby equally as much and invest much less money and time." A lot of good information in this large website. - illustrated - From - 

Baseball Cards 1887-1914 __ "This collection presents a Library of Congress treasure -- 2,100 early baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914. The cards show such legendary figures as Ty Cobb stealing third base for Detroit, Tris Speaker batting for Boston, and pitcher Cy Young posing formally in his Cleveland uniform. Other notable players include Connie Mack, Walter Johnson, King Kelly, and Christy Mathewson." - illustrated - From Library of Congress - 

Baseball Cards from the 60s! __ Whether you're a collector or just like Baseball cards then here are a few vintage cards from the 60s. - illustrated - From - 


Beginner's Guide to Collecting Cards __ A brief history of baseball cards along with information about what and how to collect. - illustrated - From - 

Collecting Baseball Cards __ Useful information about collecting baseball cards including how to get started, where to find cards, the art of collecting, and more. - From - 

Collecting Baseball Cards, a detailed hobby __ A good look at card collecting from history to how they are made. - illustrated - From - 

How to Collect Baseball Cards __ He says it all: "It is a rare baseball fan indeed who has never purchased a pack of baseball cards. But not every fan becomes a serious collector. If you have never started a collection but think you would like to get started in this fascinating hobby enjoyed by millions, this guide is written for you. (Whether you're a youngster or an adult.)" - illustrated - From Ted Smith - 

How to Sell Your Baseball-Card Collection - __ "Are those old boxes full of baseball cards taking up precious space? Don't toss them; you might have a Sammy Sosa rookie in there!" Good information plus reader comments. - From - 

Starting a baseball card collection __ "Learn how to start up a baseball card collection. In only minutes you will have the tips and secrets on how to have a successful collection." - From - 


Vintage Baseball Card Authentication and Forgery Detection Tips __ Learn how to avoid being scammed when purchasing a card. - From - 

The "Virtual Card Collection" by Dan Austin __ Large online collection of click-to-view cards and sets of cards. - illustrated - from - 

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