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About Cats - All About cats and kittens - Cat Care - Cat Behavior... __ Many articles, resources, advice and more. - From -

Caring for overweight cats __ "Excess weight is a relatively common problem in cats. They nearly always become overweight from eating more food than they need, and from getting too little exercise. Overeating may result from greediness, boredom, or overfeeding." A lot of information. - From -

Cat Basics 101 __ "The Beginner's Guide To Being Owned by a Cat" What more can I say. My cats own me too. This page is jam-packed with information - From The Tally Household -

Cat Care __ "If you share your life with a cat, you know how wonderfully playful, intelligent, independent, and affectionate felines can be. However, you may have some questions about how to care for Fluffy, keep her happy and safe indoors, or identify potential health problems. This section will address these and other issues that face those who enjoy the companionship of a cat." - From the Humane Society of the United States -

Cat Fanciers' Association: Caring for Cats __ An extensive resource of cat care information for cattery cats and pets at home. - illustrated - From Cat Fanciers Association -



CatStuff: Cat Care Tips and Tricks __ You will find information about how to prevent the cat from scratching the furniture, eating the plants, discipline and much more. - From Glenda Moore -

FDA Kids' Site - Cat Care __ Basic information for youngsters about how to care for a cat. - From US Food and Drug Administration -


Go Cat - Kitten Care __ Basic information about caring for a kitten. - illustrated - From - __ A lot of resources about caring for kittens and cats, mostly in click-to-read format. News, readers notes, featured felines and much more. - illustrated - From -



Purina ONE: Cat Care Guide __ "Welcome to the Purina ONE® Cat Care Guide, a reference incorporating interactive tools and the expertise of Purina ONE® vets. An invaluable aid in assessing your cat's behavior and appearance, the guide can help you make a healthy difference in his life." - illustrated - From Purina -

Tally's Cat Care, Behavior, Health & Illness Links __ "A comprehensive one stop collection of miscellaneou cat health topics, from very general feline health related sites to disease specific sites such as Feline Diabetes, Feline Chronic Renal Failure, Feline Hyperthyroidism, Feline Leukemia, litterbox problems, Feline Behavioral sites, Poison Control, Pet loss & grieving, and links on hard to find cat health topics." - From The Tally Household -

The Winn Feline Foundation __ "A site dedicated to feline health and research" You will find cat health research articles, study reports, grants and much more. - illustrated - From Winn Feline foundation -





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