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Caring for Captive Green Iguanas __ "Welcome to Caring for Captive Green Iguanas. Whether you currently have a green iguana in your family, or are just getting started with research, this site will help you become aware of the responsibilities and joys of having a green iguana in your home." Pick your entry format and find a wealth of information. - From Matthew T. Le Brun -

Caring for Iguanas __ Important basic information about iguanas and their care. - From -

Green iguana care __ "Green iguana care: many people are housing green iguanas as pets, without researching them. Here is some helpful information crucial to the iguana." - From -



Iguana iguana Bibliography: Captive care __ If you want to take your research offline, here is a good list of published work. - From -

Jen Swofford's Iguana Pages __ You will find an extensive resource for iguana owners, including a detailed care guide. - From Jen Swofford/ -


Keeping and Caring for Iguanas __ Important information. Learn if an iguana is really the right pet for you? - From Lenny Flank -



Pet Iguanas - Care and Handling of Green Iguanas __ You will find several click-to-view articles and links to other resources. - From -

Three-Page Iguana Care & Cost Sheet __ This page not only covers iguana care basics, but is a handy reality check about the cost of supplies needed to properly care for an iguana. - From -

Tips for New Iguana Owners __ "So, you just got your first green iguana and you have lots of questions. Well, you're not alone. When most people get their first iguana, they know very little about them. Many people know only what the person in the pet store told them (which is many times very poor advice!). Learn the basic facts. - From -




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