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Ball Pythons as Pets __ A good overview and links to related materials. - From -

Caring for Corn Snakes __ "The care information ... discusses corns. The same information applies to rat snakes, as well, other than that species whose overall length and size are larger than corns will require larger enclosures and larger prey." - From Melissa Kaplan -



Caring for Your Snake __ "There are over 2,700 species of snake in our world. They occupy a diverse array of habitats including sub-polar meadows, tropical forest, the deepest oceans and the highest mountains. Ranging in size from four inches to 33 feet, this complex group defies generalizations as to captive care. So before you buy your pet, research its individual needs." Basic information. - From -

Garter Snakes __ "An overview of their natural history and care in captivity." - from -


Herp Index - Snake Care __ Dozens of resources about snakes and snake care. - From -



King Snakes and Milk Snakes - Care and Feeding __ A good overview and links to related materials. - From -

Melissa Kaplan's Herps: Snakes __ One of the best reptile sites around. Nuff said. - illustrated - From -

Snake care __ "Snakes need the same basic things as any animal: proper food, clean drinking water, a secure shelter, attention to any medical problems, and the right temperature range. Get these set up, and your snake should live a healthy, happy life." Basic information. - From -




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