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Golf Europe: Golf Courses in Ireland, Scotland, England and more __ "Welcome to, the web’s most comprehensive course guide for the golf haven that is Europe. From Ireland all the way down to Portugal, GolfEurope’s course directory contains detailed information on more than 4,000 golf courses in every country throughout Europe. - illustrated - From - 

Golf Digest: The #1 Golf Publication __ Centralized hub which includes archived content and information for the magazines Golf Digest, Golf for Women, Golf World and Golf World Business. - From -


Golf Mixture Quizzes and Trivia __ A lot of quizzes making use of a lot of golf trivia and knowledge. - From - 

Golf Rules - The Rules of Golf __ You will find basic rules and many resources. - From -  

Golf Rules : The rules of golf in brief __ "Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area, known as the "teeing ground", across fairway and rough to a second prepared area, which has a hole in it, known as the "putting green". The object of the game is to complete what is known as a hole by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole on the putting green in the fewest possible number of strokes. A "round of golf' consists of playing 18 such holes."  Now that we have that down pat, the rest should be easy. - From - 


Golf Trivia - Test Your Knowledge with Golf Trivia __ Are you a golf trivia buff? Test your golf trivia skills with this collection of quizzes and games. Each quiz is from 10 to 15 questions long. - From - 

Ladies Professional Golf Association __ Features results of LPGA, womens golf, player interviews, golf merchandise, youth golf programs, a database listing more than 1100 teaching professionals and much more. - illustrated - From LPGA - 

NGF - Information and Insights on the Business of Golf __ Jam-packed with information about the 'business of golf.'  You will find catalogs, articles, marketing tools and much more.  Sign-in needed for some information. - - :: Home __ Everything you need to know about the PGA.  Up to the minute news, lots of news, articles, rankings, more. - illustrated - From PGA - __ Up to the minute news and views of the PGA tours. - illustrated - From PGA - 

Rules | United States Golf Association __ "The USGA, in conjunction with the R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland, writes, interprets and maintains the Rules of Golf to guard the tradition and integrity of the game. The two organizations are joint authors and owners of The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf. Through an agreement with the R&A, the Rules jurisdiction of the USGA includes only the United States, its possessions and Mexico. The latest version went into effect Jan. 1, 2004, with the next revision taking effect Jan. 1, 2008." - From USGA - 


United States Golf Association __ "The United States Golf Association (USGA) has served as the national governing body of golf for the U.S., its territories and Mexico since its formation in 1894. It's a non-profit organization run by golfers for the benefit of golfers. The Association sponsors a variety of programs that benefits everyone who plays the game, from conducting 13 national championships each year, to writing and interpreting the Rules of Golf, to funding turf grass and course maintenance practices, to supporting grassroots programs through its “For the Good of the Game” initiative."  Learn about the organization. - illustrated - from - 

World Golf: Golf courses from around the world __ "Golf course listings, travel, golf links, great golf humor, tour information, golf tips and more." - illustrated - From - 


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