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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by archaeolink.com.  Sites are included for information value only.

The number of sites available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all available resources.  The following does provide some idea of what is available online and will hopefully be a good starting point for a more extensive search.


American Memory Baseball Cards 1887 1914 __ "This collection presents a Library of Congress treasure -- 2,100 early baseball cards dating from 1887 to 1914." - illustrated - From Library of Congress - http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/bbhtml/bbhome.html 

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum __ Learn all about the life and career of George Herman Ruth, Jr., a.k.a. Babe, as well as the Baltimore Orioles.  Great historic photos. - illustrated - From baberuthmuseum.com - http://www.baberuthmuseum.com/ 

Baseball Almanac : The Official Baseball History Site __ They say it:  ""More baseball history, awards, records, feats, humor, lists, quotations, and stats than any other baseball site on the Internet!" - From baseball-almanac.com - http://baseball-almanac.com/ 

Baseball: History and Spirit __ There are some great old baseball photographs, bibliographical information for research and links to related materials. - illustrated - From Jay Hurd - http://members.tripod.com/~jhurd/bb1.html 

Baseball History on the Web __ You will find many historic photos and links to related materials. - From Jim Harper - http://www2.tltc.ttu.edu/Harper/3339BB/WebStuff/baseball.htm 


Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum __ Here you can explore the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. You will find biographical information about inductees and much more. - illustrated - From Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - http://www.baseballhalloffame.ca/ 

A Graphical History of Baseball __ Graphs for various historical statistics including leaders, fielding and attendance. - illustrated - From Michael Bein - http://home.istar.ca/~mbein/baseball.html 

History - The Baseball Archive __ You will find general baseball history, league histories, team histories, and more. - illustrated - From baseball1.com - http://www.baseball1.com/c-history.html 

History of baseball __ You will find several click-to-read encyclopedic articles about the history of Baseball. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_baseball


History of Baseball - Alexander Cartwright __ "Alexander Joy Cartwright (1820-1892) of New York invented the modern baseball field in 1845. Alexander Cartwright and the members of his New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, devised the first rules and regulations for the modern game of baseball." - illustrated - From inventors.about.com - http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blbaseball.htm 

The history of Baseball : HistoricBaseball.com __ How would you divide baseball history?  "Most scholars feel that the history of baseball can be divided into five distinct eras. Each era had its own highs and lows and each era had an influence on the one that came directly after it. Scholars and historians don't always agree, however, on the exact dates of these periods." - illustrated - From historicbaseball.com - http://www.historicbaseball.com/baseballhistory.html 

History of Black Baseball, the Negro Leagues __ "Learn about the origins of the Negro Baseball Leagues. What they were, why they were founded, and why they no longer exist."  You will also find information about the players and the teams. - illustrated - From blackbaseball.com - http://www.blackbaseball.com/ 

History of the World Series __ You will find a great article and a menu with links to every World Series played since 1903. - illustrated - From sportingnews.com - http://www.sportingnews.com/archives/worldseries/ 


Interviews with Baseball Players from the Golden Age of Baseball __ Learn interesting bits of information about famous baseball players and play the trivia game to find out how much you really know. - illustrated - From hellobaseballfans.com - http://www.hellobaseballfans.com/ 

Japanese Baseball ( history ) __ "Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson, and its first formal team was established in 1878. For almost 30 years, until 1906, a game could be viewed freely, as it was considered shameful to take money for doing something the players liked."  Like everything else, that changed. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_baseball#History 

National Baseball Hall of Fame - Library and Research Center __ When you browse these pages from the National Baseball Hall of Fame you will find the history of baseball, read about women in baseball, see photos, and learn about the Hall of Fame itself. - illustrated - From National Baseball Hall of Fame - http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/library/ 

SportsKnowHow.com - Major League Baseball History Page - Page 1 of 4 __ A good look at the history of the sport.  You can access the other pages from here. - from sportsknowhow.com - http://www.sportsknowhow.com/baseball/history/baseball-history-1.shtml 


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