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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by archaeolink.com.   Sites are included for information value only.

The number of sites available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all available resources.  The following does provide some idea of what is available online and will hopefully be a good starting point for a more extensive search.


The Day They Invented The Skateboard __ You will find an article about the history of skateboarding. - From dansworld.com - http://www.dansworld.com/invent.html

The History Of Skateboarding In Less Than 1700 Words __ An essay about skateboarding history. - From interlog.com - http://pages.interlog.com/~mbrooke/history.htm

Kidzworld :: The History Of Skateboarding | Skateboards __ A general history of skateboarding with embedded links to related materials. - From kidzworld.com - http://www.kidzworld.com/article/6543-great-moments-in-skateboarding-history

Skateboard History Timeline __ Annotated timeline of important dates and events in skateboarding history. - From jimgoodrich.net - http://www.jimgoodrich.net/skateboardtimeline.htm 


Skateboarding: A Brief History __ A multi-page history of skateboarding. - From about.com - http://skateboard.about.com/cs/boardscience/a/brief_history.htm

Skateboarding history __ You will find the history of skateboarding from its first appearance in the 1950's to the present day. - From skatelog.com - http://www.skatelog.com/skateboarding/skateboarding-history.htm

Skateboarding History and Culture __ Here is a general look at the history of skateboarding tracing its origins back to surfing along with links to additional materials. - From ezinearticles.com - http://ezinearticles.com/?Skateboarding-History-and-Culture&id=1669227

Skateboarding History and Facts __ "Not many people know that surfing is considered to be the ancestor of skateboarding. At first it was called sidewalk surfing, so this can be a possible link to its origins."  A general overview. - From coolbiking.com - http://www.coolbiking.com/blog/sports/skateboarding-history-and-facts/


Skate Zone - [History of Skateboarding] __ "Skateboarding first started around the 1960's. Early skateboards were made out of wooden boards cut into shape, and metal or clay wheels from roller skates. By the 1970's, skateboards were being made with much better rubber wheels and skateboarding became popular throughout California."  A general overview of skateboarding history. - From skate zone - http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/skatezone/history.htm

Turning Points and Big Name within Skateboarding History __ A good history of skateboarding with lots of annoying pop-ups. - From skateboardingmagazine.com - http://skateboardingmagazine.com/blog/2008/05/23/turning-points-and-big-name-within-skateboarding-history/ 

World Cup Skateboarding - World Cup Skateboarding History __ A very good look at championship skateboarding and its history. - From World Cup Skateboarding - http://www.wcsk8.com/index.php?Itemid=81&id=39&option=com_content&task=view  


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