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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.

The number of sites available online for this topic is enormous.  Hopefully this will be a good place to begin your research.


Billy Bear's Winter Activities for Kids, Family and Teachers __ Filled with games, activities pages, holiday pages, screen savers, desktop themes and more for young children. - illustrated - From - 

DLTK's Winter Activities for Kids __ You will find printable templates for winter crafts for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool kids. - illustrated - From - 

FamilyFun: Outdoor Winter Fun - and More Family Fun __ "Use our Game Finder to search for free online games, indoor games and outdoor activities for your kids. ..." After you build your ultimate snow fort, you will also find some yummy winter recipes to help you warm up again. - illustrated - From -

Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Toddler __ "There are many ways that you can entertain your toddler during the winter months. Following are a few suggestions..." Try camping out in the house. - From - 


Ice and Snow Games __ You will find several games for the younger set which have been submitted by site readers. - From The Perpetual Preschool - 

Kaboose - Winter Games __ "...Online Games for Winter. Child Safe Site. ... Help Nobby collect enough nuts to last him all winter." - illustrated - From - 

Kids Domain - Winter Fun __ You'll find crafts, games, and more to celebrate the season, ... Printable Activities · Winter Books to Read · Winter Sports and more. - illustrated - From - 

Snow activities for kids __ "When you and your kids feel cooped up in the winter, try bundling up and playing in the snow with these activities." You will also learn how not to allow your kid to run into a tree with his mouth open. - and why. - From - 


Winter Activities for Children - Environment Canada __ This page offers several winter activities for kids. - illustrated - From Environment Canada - 

Winter Activities- crafts for kids, games, poems, short stories ... __ A collection of fun teaching ideas and activities for Winter - Winter coloring pages, games, short stories, poems, and recommending reading - kids books. - illustrated - From - 

Winter Activities for Dads and Their Kids __ " ... many fathers have found that winter offers great opportunities for together time with their children. Activities both indoors and outdoors during the colder winter months can build memories, strengthen relationships, and just be all out fun with your children." You will find several good suggestions as well as links to additional resources. - From - 

Winter Activities from Songs 4 Teachers __ A good list of activities for in the class or at home. - illustrated - From - 


Winter Crafts for Kids __ While this site does have a membership on offer, there is still a lot of information provided free. - illustrated - From - 

Winter - Free kids crafts to keep children busy. Kid’s crafts ... __ You will find a few dozen ideas. - From -

winter games for kids activities make games preschool activities ... __ Find ideas for several winter related games to make and play. Includes ideas for several printable games and many preschool activities. Click-to-read articles and resources. - From - 

Winter Outdoor Activities and other activities __ "Whether you've got snow or palm trees in your back yard, it's time to go outside and play!!" You will find many excellent suggestions for how to do that. - From - 

Winter Wonderland Activities __ Printable and online resources with a Winter theme. - illustrated - From -


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