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Category:History of the Maldives __ Index of articles related to Maldives history found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

history and how it had happened in the islands of maldives __ A good overview of Maldives history from prehistory through current. - From -

History of Maldives __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of the country of Maldives." - From -

History of the Maldives __ "After the 16th century, when European colonial powers took over much of the trade in the Indian Ocean, first the Portuguese, and then the Dutch, and the French occasionally meddled with local politics..."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


History, religion and culture of Maldives __ A brief look at all of these aspects of the Maldives. - From -

Maldives: History __ "The Maldives were originally settled by peoples who came from S Asia. Islam was brought to the islands in the 12th cent. Starting in the 16th cent., with the coming of the Portuguese, the Maldives were intermittently under European influence."  A good overview of Maldives history plus a lot of other information about the Maldives. - From -


Maldives History __ "The Dhivehin, as the islanders are called, are a mixed people of Aryan, Negroid, Sinhalese, Dravidian and Arab descent."  A general history along with exccess to other information about The Maldives. - From -

Maldives History __ You will find a general, and colorful, history of The Maldives. - From -

Maldives - History __ You will find an essay about Maldives history. - From -

Maldives - History & Background, Constitutional & Legal Foundations __ General history, legal and political history along with history of Maldives' educational system. - From Net Industries -


Maldives History - History of Maldives, Presidents, Sultans ... __ "The origin of the first settlers of the Maldives still remains a mystery. The historians date early settlers back to 5th century BC with the Aryan immigrants coming from the neighbouring countries India and Sri Lanka."  A concise history with access to other information about the country. - illustrated - From -

Maldives - Maldives history __ A general look at Maldives history. - illustrated - From - 

Maldivian History & Local Government __ A very brief look at history and the development of government in the Maldives. - From U.S. Department of State -


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