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The Anthropology of Food is an analysis of food in culture.  While the primary purpose for food is nutrition, it also has a cultural dimension by which people choose what they eat not only by flavor or nutritional value but by cultural, religious, economic, status and environmental factors.  - These pages are a supplement to Anthropology of Food, Food Science and are a collection of sampler recipes providing only a taste of each country and perhaps some information about the history and culture behind each cuisine.  

Due to the nature of the topic, some selected sites may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by


Gretchen’s Cookbook - Swedish Recipes __ You will find several pages of traditional recipes. - From -  

Meraya Nyberg's Traditional Swedish Recipes __ Here is an excellent collection of recipes with full instructions. - From Meraya Nyberg - 

Recipes of Sweden, Swedish Recipes and Food of Sweden __ A handful of Swedish recipes with a vegetarian slant. - From - 

Recipes: swedish __ There are 264 Swedish recipes listed here. - From - 


Sweden - European Recipes __ You will find 13 recipes from Sweden. - From - 

Swedish Food __ A good article about Swedish food with a couple of recipes near the end. - From - 

Swedish Kitchen __ "Welcome to A Swedish Kitchen, a website devoted to Swedish food, both in Sweden and abroad."  This page is a delightful mix of information and recipes. - illustrated - From - 

Swedish Recipes __ There are four traditional recipes here. - From - 


Swedish Recipes __ A list of 26 Swedish recipes, most traditional, some not. - From - 

Swedish Recipes __ You will find 124 recipes from Sweden at current count. - From - 



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