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The Avalon Project : World War II : Documents __ You will find click-to-read full texts of many official and personal documents about the Second World War. - some are illustrated - From Yale Law School -

Cryptology: Navajo Code Talkers in World War II __ "Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Peleliu, Iwo Jima: the Navajo code talkers took part in every assault the U.S. Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. They served in all six Marine divisions, Marine Raider battalions and Marine parachute units, transmitting messages by telephone and radio in their native language -- a code that the Japanese never broke." You will find a history and Medal of Honor winners. - From US Department of the Navy -



The History Place - World War Two in Europe Timeline __ "Complete World War Two in Europe Timeline with photos and text. Over 100 links!" - illustrated - From - 
HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web __ "1: A collection of source documents and official U.S. military histories related to the Second World War. All are presented in HTML format, with hyperlinks wherever appropriate, and anchors to permit easy linking/citation of the volumes. 2: Order of Battle information for U.S. Army, U.S. Army Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps units in World War II. 3: Related links to resources at other Internet sites." You will find everything listed in the quote and a lot more. - From Patrick Clancey - 



The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience __ "The WWII Institute focuses on collecting and preserving the memoirs and artifacts of the men and women who served in World War II in the service as well the civilians who helped on the home front. Preserving these memoirs and artifacts we are then able share and teach about the everyday lives of men and women, both military personnel and civilians, who experienced the pressures of wartime." - illustrated - From Florida State University - 

The Second World War __ You will find numerous resources and articles: A literal encyclopedia of information. - From - 


World War II __ "World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a large scale military conflict that took place between 1939 and 1945. It engulfed much of the globe and was the largest and deadliest war in history. The war was initially fought between Germany and the Allies. The Allies consisted of the United Kingdom (with the British Empire), France (with the French Empire) and Poland. Germany was later joined by Italy, jointly known as the Axis Powers, and Japan. Some of the nations that Germany conquered also sent military forces, particularly to the Eastern front, while others joined the Allies." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials - illustrated - From wikipedia -
World War II, a British focus __ "A World War II page featuring, but not resricted [sic] to, a British focus on World War II memories and diaries." - illustrated - From - 



World War Two in Europe __ "World War Two Timeline, Rise of Hitler, Holocaust Timeline, and Hitler Youth." - From - 

World War II: The Homefront __ Simulation follows a typical American family through a school year during the war, covering day-to-day life and period culture. - illustrated - from Thinkquest - 

World War II in the Pacific __ "Sequence of events of World War II in the Pacific, 1941 - 1945." - illustrated - From - 


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