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Acoma ___This is great history! - Illustrated - From DesertUSA -

Acoma History Brief __ A general look at Acoma history. - From -

Acoma, New Mexico, America's Oldest Continually Inhabited City ___Much of what's here, fact-wise, can be found on other websites. However, the way this information is presented makes it easier to enjoy and to remember. - Illustrated - From Chuck Burnes -

Acoma Pot Photo Gallery __ Photos of a lovely piece of Acoma pottery. Acoma pictures. - illustrated - From -


Acoma Pueblo__ "also known as "Sky City", is a Native American pueblo built on top of a 367-foot (112 m) sandstone mesa in the U.S. state of New Mexico. The Pueblo, believed to have been established in the 12th century or even earlier, was chosen in part because of its defensive position against raiders. It is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States." An encylopedic article with links to related materials. Acoma photos - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico NM, profile (Cibola County) __ "Acoma Pueblo,, community profile, with detailed info on demographics, cemeteries, genealogy, government, history, hotels, real estate, travel, ..." All this and more. - From - 

Acoma Pueblo Pottery Collection ___Excellent photos accompany the text which describes the Acoma pottery tradition. - Click on any numbered image link to see various enlargements of each object. There is also a good map which shows the location of all pueblos.- Illustrated - From Clayhound Web -

Acoma Pueblo Pictures __ Gallery of click-to-view Acoma pictures. Acoma photos. - illustrated - From -

Acoma Pueblo and Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum __ "The Acoma are one of the rare native tribes who have been one people living on their land for over 2000 years. In their oral history, they go back much further. Their traditional stories tell of being led to this stunning valley and their aerie mesa by their ancestors. They are the Haak'u, which means a place prepared, Acoma is the anglicized version." A general look at Acoma history and cuolture. - illustrated - From -

Acoma Sky City, general information about the Acoma Indians. __ General information including history, culture and visitor's etiquette. - From -


The Business of Culture at Acoma Pueblo: __ "As the years pass, more and more visitors are attracted to Old Acoma, also known as "Sky City." The tour and center have become a successful business that is outgrowing the capacity of its facilities. Ms. Tenorio needs to address these issues with the traditional Tribal Council members, who oversee the visitorís center, to convince them to accommodate the increase in tourism. Business development can benefit the Acoma Pueblo Tribe but not at the expense of its cultural traditions and values." Learn how this situation may be addressed. - From -

The Legendary Walls of Acoma ___An excellent Acoma Pueblo history. - 1photo - By James Abarr -

Origin Myth of Acoma Index ___Read the origin myth of the Acoma people. You'll find enlargeable images under "Plates". Bear in mind when you read "Present Customs of Acoma" that the information here was amassed in 1942. - Illustrated - By Matthew W. Stirling -

Origin of Summer and Winter: An Acoma Tale __ " The Acoma chief had a daughter named Co-chin-ne-na-ko, called Co- chin for short, who was the wife of Shakok, the Spirit of Winter. After he came to live with the Acomas, the seasons grew colder and colder. Snow and ice stayed longer each year. Corn no longer matured. The people soon had to live on cactus leaves and other wild plants." Read the whole story. - From StoneE Producktions -


Pueblo Of Acoma Government & Community Businesses & Services __ Listing of Acoma Pueblo government and community services along with contact information. - From -

Traditional Acoma Pottery ___Learn everything you need to know about how the people of Acoma produce the pottery for which they've become famous. Acoma photos. - Illustrated - From Carol Snyder Halberstadt, Migrations -

Sky city acoma, new mexico __ "Acoma Pueblo at Sky City is located almost eighty miles west of Albuquerque traveling on Interstate 40 then twelve miles south to the Enchanted Mesa." An essay providing general information about Acoma. - From - 



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