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About the Kansa Indians __ "A group of Indians, historically called the Kaw or Kansa, had settlements where the Kansas and Missouri Rivers meet today in northeast Kansas."  A good look at the Kansa. - From ehow.com - http://www.ehow.com/about_4570064_the-kansa-indians.html

Charles Curtis Timeline ___A biography of the last full-blooded Kaw Indian, William Mehojah, can be found, accompanied by his photo. As well, you'll find a timeline of historical and genealogical events leading up to the birth of Charles Curtis. You'll also find a biographical list of key events concerning this man's life. This is but one part of a large website devoted to the life of Charles Curtis. Just follow the links to access everything. - Illustrated - From Ann Andrews -

Facts for Kids: Kansa Indians (Kansas) __ "Information about the Kansa Indians for students and teachers. Covers food, homes, arts and crafts, weapons, culture, and daily life of the Kansas." - From bigorrin.org - http://www.bigorrin.org/kansa_kids.htm

Kansa __ A summary of Kansa history and culture. - From Minnesota State University - http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/cultural/northamerica/kansa.html 


Kansa __ "The following excerpts from the journals of Lewis and Clark and their men present a picture of the Kansas people as the Anglo-Americans saw them."  Historical text. - From nps.gov - http://www.nps.gov/archive/jeff/lewisclark2/thejourney/NativeAmericans/Kansa.htm 

Kansa Indian Tribe History __ "A southwestern Siouan tribe; one of the five, according to Dorsey's arrangement, of the Dhegiha group. Their linguistic relations are closest with the Osage, and are close with the Quapaw." An overview of Kansa history. - From accessgenealogy.com - http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/tribes/siouan/kansahist.htm

Kansas Indian Tribes and Languages __ "Did you know the name "Kansas" is a Siouan Indian word? It comes from the tribal name Kansa, which means "south wind people." - From native-languages.org - http://www.native-languages.org/kansas.htm 

The Kansa - Origins ___This is an excellent website, with (mostly) enlargeable images. Topics include Origins, Everyday Life, Spirituality and Relations with other tribes, and can be accessed by the text links or by clicking on the word 'Next' at the bottom of each page. - Illustrated -  From the Kansas State Historical Society - http://www.kshs.org/places/kawmission/kansaorigins.htm


Lethal Contact Kanza Trade With Euro-Americans ___Follow the text links or click on 'Next' at the bottom of each page to learn about the relationship between the Kaw people and the Euro-Europeans. Most images are enlargeable with a click. - Illustrated - From the Kansas State Historical Society - http://www.kshs.org/places/kawmission/lethalkanzatrade.htm 

Mission Purpose ___"The intent of the U.S. Indian policy was to discourage the Kaws from hunting buffalo and trapping, and to encourage them to adopt a sedentary life devoted to agriculture. For twenty years prior to the construction of the Kaw Mission, the government had sought to direct the Kaws into a way of life that would be more acceptable to white culture." Click on 'Next" at the bottom of each page or follow the text links to learn all about the mission that had such an affect on the Kaw Nation. - Illustrated - From the Kansas State Historical Society -

Nation of the Kaw __ " The Kansa/Kaw Tribe, are also known as "the wind people" The tribe originally lived along the lower Kansas River in villages consisting of conical-shaped lodges."  an introduction and overview. - illustrated - From okgenweb.org - http://www.okgenweb.org/~itkaw/KanzaNation.html 


Reconnections - The Kaw Nation Today ___Current information about this historic tribe. - Illustrated - From the Kansas State Historical Society - http://www.kshs.org/places/kawmission/reconnectionskawnation.htm 

Resources on the Kansa __ You will find several online resources for Kansa along with resources for other Native American information. - From mongabay.com - http://www.mongabay.com/indigenous_ethnicities/north_american/Kansa.html 

Welcome To the Official Website of the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma ___Good information about this people from whom the state of Kansas got its name. Each section contains further links to relevant information. - Text only -  From the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma - http://www.kawnation.com/ 


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