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Asháninka __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


The Ashaninka Photography Project - teaching photography to the Ashaninka in Peru __ "The mission is to provide the necessary skills and support for the development of photography within the Ashaninka communities, and to build a network, and the means for the dissemination of the materials both within their societies and abroad."  A look at the project which includes management of natural resources. - illustrated - From -


Ashaninka Cushmas __ "Traditional clothing worn by the Ashaninka" - illustrated - From -


Ashaninkas __ An excellent history. :Spanish invaders were killed and driven out by the Amazon people they demeaned as "the Campa tribe." Those were the people who proudly call themselves the Ashaninkas. The oppressors never gave up trying to enslave the people of the jungle, and the Native people never stopped their resistance." Just part of a fascinating story though told from a strong political standpoint. - From NY Transfer News - 


Ashaninkas Displaced From Their Lands __ Follow the continuing story. "The Ashaninka nation, an ethnic community which managed to survive years of violence involving Shining Path guerrillas and drug traffickers, now face the threat of massive displacement from their lands in the Peruvian forests." - From Abraham Lama - 


Association for the Conservation of the Cutivireni Patrimony __ Learn about their programs as related to the Ashaninkas. "The primary objective of ACPC is the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Ashaninka communities established in the northern area of the Vilcabamba mountain range, in particular the basins of the Ene, Tambo and Bajo Urubamba rivers." - illustrated - From ACPC -



Rumbos Online: Ashaninka: the rebirth of a nation __ "For more than a decade, in a forgotten jungle world in the center of Peru, in a valley called the Ene, a vicious war raged between the Shining Path guerrilla movement and the Peruvian armed forces...It was 1987, and the Shining Path had begun recruiting Ashaninka youths by force. Natives were snatched from their communities and many families were divided at gunpoint to form part of these guerrilla troops." Find out how well things have gone. - illustrated - From Rumbos Online - 

Shining Path Massacre of Ashaninka __ News article from Sep 16, 1993 - From Robin Kirk - 
Zoraida Portillo, Colonisation Threatens the Ashaninka __ Learn about the settlement of native lands and some of the history of the Ashaninka since contact. - From Zoraida Portillo - 


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