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About the Cofan __ A good overview of the Cofan including history and culture. - illustrated - From -

Cofan Elder, Ecuador __ Simply a good portrait. - illustrated - From -

Cofán, Guardians of the Rain Forest __ "The Cofan indian community offering ecotours, nature and birdwatching expeditions to help them conserve their land in the Ecuador rainforest." - illustrated - From -  

Cofan Indians __ "The Cofans are one of the oldest surviving indigenous cultures of the Amazonian rain forest. They live in their traditional homeland on the banks of the large rivers of what is now northeastern Ecuador and southeastern Colombia. Fewer than 1,000 Cofan remain, with most living in Ecuador." A good overview. - From -


Cofan Language and the Cofan Indian Tribe __ A collection of resources about the Cofan Indians and language. - From -

Ecuador: the Cofan's successful action against an oil well __ Learn about the positive results of an action taken by the Cofan against big oil. - From World Rainforest Movement -

Resources on the Cofan __ Collection of resources and links about the Cofan. - From -


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