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Canada Capital Cities by Province and Territory


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Canadian Prime Ministers listed in Term Order


Canada & Canadian History Lesson Plans


Atlas - Canada __ While mostly made up of current rather than historic maps, most any research about historic maps makes use of current maps for comparison purposes. So here is a good resource. - illustrated - From -

Canadian Geographic: Historical Maps __ "Take a walk through the history of Canada...See the maps and read the history by selecting a year" - From -

Canadian History Maps of Canada __ "Explore the changes in Canada with these Canadian history maps, some dating back to the 1600s." - From - 

Canadian Maps __ From historic post office location maps and highway maps to political divisions and surveys, you will find a great collection of historic Canadian maps. - illustrated - From - 

Historic Canadian Maps __ Here you will find links to many historic maps of Canada as well as other cartographic information. - From Michigan State University -

Scandinavian Canadian Land Co. Historic Map Townships __ "It is the intention of this site to make Saskatchewan town names, original homesteader names and locations available to persons with a historical or genealogical interest in this area." - illustrated - From - 

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