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Continental Fur Trade __ Here you can learn about the Pacific Fur Company, the North West Company, the Hudson's Bay Company, and two boundary treaties. - illustrated - From - University of Washington - 

Empire of the Bay __ You will find a great look at the history of the Hudson's Bay Company with timelines, a who's who, maps and more. - illustrated - From PBS - 



Exploration, the Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company __ "This site is about the fur trade in Canada and how it led to the exploration of the country and the formation of the oldest and largest company in Canadian history: Hudson's Bay Company. In fact, the history of the fur trade, Hudson's Bay Company and the exploration of Canada are so intertwined that they can not be separated. So read on and learn more about Canada!" - illustrated - From -


The Fur Trade: The Hudson's Bay and NorthWest Company __ The following paragraph begins an interesting tale. "The Metis Nation, in partnership with trading firms in Montreal, established their own company The NorthWest Trading Company in 1779. It was more convenient for the Indians of the northern forest to trade with the Nor'Westers who were closer to them than to have to journey to the Hudson's Bay. The Northwest trade route began in Montreal and proceeded along the Ontario-Minnesota border waters to the Lake of the Woods, down the Winnipeg River to Lake Winnipeg following the river system to the far Northwest. The NorthWest Company did not recognize the monopoly claimed by the Hudson's Bay Company in Rupert's Land, and the Hudson's Bay Company had no way to enforce it. Consequently, trade with the Hudson's Bay Company declined dramatically." - From Angelhair -



Hudson's Bay Company __ A general overview with numerous links to related material. - From -


Hudson's Bay Company __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -



Hudson's Bay Company Archives __ You will find information about the Husdon's Bay Company and its role in the development of Canada. - illustrated - From Government of Manitoba -


Hudson's Bay Company - Our History __ "Two centuries before Confederation a pair of resourceful Frenchmen named Radisson and des Groseilliers discovered a wealth of fur in the interior of the continent north and west of the Great Lakes..."  A history of the company by the company. - From -  

Parks Canada - York Factory National Historic Site of Canada __ You will find visitor information, history and a virtual tour of one of the Hudson's Bay Company's major fur trading posts. - illustrated - From Parks Canada -  


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