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Canada & Canadian History Lesson Plans

Canada __ You will find a good overview of Canadian history. Topics include "European-Indigenous Relations," "Development of the Colony," "The Fur Trade and Western Exploration," plus much more. - From - 


Canada - Canadian history __ Detailed outline of Canadian history and a bit of other information. - From -
Canada History Canada __ A great site to explore Canadian history. You will find timelines, arts, social history, agricultural and industrial history and a lot more. - illustrated - From - 

Canada's National History Society __ "Helping Canadians celebrate their stories since 1994. The Society, 50 000 members strong, is devoted to brushing the dust off of Canadian history to reveal our true passion and drama." You will find articles, photos, membership information and a lot more. - illustrated - from -


Canadian History - Exploration Confederation and Wars of Canada __ "Explore Canadian history with resources on people, places and events from Canada's past, including Canadian Confederation, symbols, emblems and traditions, the participation of Canada in the World Wars and the Korean War, and history pictures and maps." - From -




Canadian History: From cod fisheries and fur trade to the Hudson ... __ Several click-to-read articles about Canadian history.  The articles are all "contributed" so I can't speak to their accuracy. - From -   

The Canadian History Line __ A time line history of Canada beginning with the Vikings to present. - From -


Canadian History Timeline __ Annotated timeline of important dates, events and people in Canada's history. - From -


Historical Narratives of Early Canada __ An excellent site for early Canadian history. Click on Foreword to access additional introductory information and click on Historical Narratives to view the narratives. - From - 


History of Canada __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Early Canadiana Online __ "Fulltext online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history." Non-members have access to approximately 678,000 page images." - From - 



The History of Canada and Canadians Main Page __ "Canada and the United States have many major geographic features in common. They share the Rocky Mountains, the Interior Plains, four of the Great Lakes, the Appalachian Highlands, and many rivers. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the stories of the exploration and settlement of both of these nations are closely interwoven." A great overview in an informative website. - From - 
The Royal Proclamation __ A copy of the Royal Proclamation from 1763 which gave an ordered framework to the planned development of England's domains in North America. - From -



Timeline of Canadian history  __ Timeline of Canadian history in the format of click-on-a-year and find out what happened. - From wikipedia -


Territorial Evolution of Canada __ Here you can learn how Canada was formed through the acquisition of land by treaties and other legal means. - illustrated - From -

Victorian Canada __ A paper about Victorian Canada based on the book "The Breadth of Cultural Influences in New Westminster, British Columbia." A PDF file, Acrobat Reader needed - From James Gifford - 



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