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California in the American Civil War __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


California Military History: California and the Civil War __ "The war in the West was fought undercover. Aside from a single engagement in Arizona and several in New Mexico, uniformed troops of the Blue and the Gray did not meet on the battlefield. But there was a war all the same..."  Very interesting reading and links to additional resources. - From -


The Civil War Legacy Of Orange County ___A short history about the formation of Orange County and the influx of Civil War veterans who moved there from the east. - Text only - From Paul Gillette -




Copperheads, Secesh Men, and Confederate Guerillas __ Good article about Pro-Confederate Activities in Santa Cruz County during the Civil War. - From -    


Journal of San Diego History ___As unlikely as it might seem at first glance, San Diego played an important role, at least to the Confederacy, during the Civil War years. Other topics touched upon are the Mexican border and attacks upon troops by the Apaches under Cochise and Mangas Coloradas. - Text only - By George Ruhlen, Colonel, U. S. Army, Retired -


Lake County Civil War Veterans __ Information about Lake County, Ca., Civil War Veterans and Cemeteries. - From - 


Orange County [CA] Civil War Grave Registration ___In order for this lengthy list of Civil War soldiers' burial places to be if use, you'll need to refer to the cemetery abbreviations page. You'll find individual name and rank, date of birth (when known) and death, service, company, military unit, state and cemetery location. - Text only - Compiled by Paul Gillette - 

San Francisco & the Civil War ___Although the city was far removed from the battles, that didn't mean its citizens didn't have opinions about who was right. Nor did it mean they didn't provide men and money. Find out who they sported, why and how. - Illustrated - From The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco -


Snakes in the Grass: Copperheads in Contra Costa? __ " ...anti-war Democrats were labeled by the Republican press as "Copperheads."  A good look at this political movement. - From -  


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