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Alton, Illinois - Civil War Era - Confederate Prison ___Good information about Alton prison with a searchable database of prison records. - Text only - From AltonWeb - 

Alton in the Civil War ___Could it be the ""...the first armed skirmish of the Civil War..." occurred in Alton, Illinois? Some interesting facts are to be found here. Any underlined topics in the timeline link to expanded information. - From the Alton Historical Society - 


Civil War-A Soldier's Diary ___"This site contains the diary, memoirs,photographs,and other memorabilia of an Illinois soldier in the Civil War." Learn about the life and Civil War experiences of Jefferson Moses - Illustrated - From IoWeb Publishing, Inc. -


Civil War Traveler - Illinois __ You will find general information and special pages dedicated to various historic sites. - illustrated - From -


Database of Illinois Civil War Veterans Serving in the U.S. Navy __ Searchable database. - From -




Illinois in the American Civil War __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


Illinois Civil War Veterans Database __ Searchable database and other information about Illinois civil War veterans. - From -  

Illinois During the Civil War___"... presents primary source materials illuminating society and politics in wartime Illinois. Although no battles took place in Illinois, the state's residents still shaped the Civil War's course and felt its effects. The site carries letters, diaries, and reminiscences of Union soldiers, as well as other materials from the home front." - Text only - From Northern Illinois University - 

Illinois in the Civil War ___Several links to pages about Illinois' participation in the Civil War. Links include Medal of Honor recipients and regimental flags and nicknames. Search capability for rosters and counties and by keyword. - Illustrated - From The Civil War Archive - 




Illinois in the Civil War, Illinois State Military Museum, Illinois National Guard __ A general overview of Illinois in the Civil war along with a few links to other resources. - From -


Illinois Militia in Civil War, Illinois State Military Museum ... __ A bit of history and background.  Actually a good place to begin research. - From -




List of Illinois Civil War units __ List of war units with each unit name being a link of its own to additional information. - From wikipedia - 

Union Regiments - Illinois ___Organization and service history of Illinois' military units (cavalry, artillery, infantry) and the first troops in service on expedition to Cairo. - Text only -


Units from Illinois During the Civil War __ A full listing and roster. - From -  


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