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American Civil War Indiana Map of Battles __ Static map of Indiana battle sites. - From -

American Civil War, Indiana Volunteers, 70th Regiment __ Information and roster of the regiment along with links to many other resources. - From John H. Ross - 

Civil War Indiana ___" was created to honor and commemorate the great National struggle of 1861-1865. By sharing with the public as many photographs, letters, diaries, manuscripts, rosters and other information about Indiana soldiers as physically possible, it is
hoped that the memory of these great Hoosier sons will last forever." - Illustrated - From Craig Dunn Enterprises, Inc. -

Civil War Traveler - Indiana __ You will find general information and special pages dedicated to various historic sites. - illustrated - From -


Crawford County, Indiana Civil War Soldier Records Database A-C __ Roster of Civil War Soldiers from Crawford County, Indiana. - From -

Indiana in the American Civil War __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -`

Indiana Civil War Photographs __ "This exhibit is by no means a complete collection of every Indiana Civil War soldier. Most of the Library's collection was compiled through the generous gifts of patrons and, as such, we only have a small representation of soldiers." - illustrated - From -


Indiana Coalition to Honor Civil War Dead __ Learn about the organization and its goals. You can read about some of their projects. - From ICHCWD -

List of Indiana Civil War regiments __ List of Indiana regiments some with live links to additional detail. - From wikipedia -    

Oliver P. Morton Biography Page ___Good biography of this man, who was "... by some estimates, the best of the war governors." - Illustrated - From the Historical Times Encyclopedia of the Civil War - 

Union Regiments - Indiana ___Organization and service history of Indiana's military units (cavalry, artillery, infantry). - Text only - From The Civil War Archive - 

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