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1st Georgia Infantry (USA) __ Read about "Forgotten Union Guerrillas of the North Georgia Mountains."  A part of Civil War history seldom explored. - From  Michael Gay -


The American Civil War in Georgia __ "Links and resources about fighting in Georgia during The Civil War." - From -


Andersonville Civil War Prison ___A comprehensive look at this infamous Civil War prison. Information is provided for a variety of topics, including first hand accounts of day-to-day life in the prison, criminal activities of a group known as the Raiders and unique graves. - Illustrated
- From Kevin Frye - 

The Atlanta Campaign, a Virtual Tour __ A collection of contemporary photos along with texts describing the scenes, histories, a chronological look at the campaign and much more. - illustrated - From -


Civil War in Georgia __ You will find several click-to-read articles about Georgia in the Civil War. - From -


Civil War in Georgia __ A detailed look into Georgia's Civil War history.  Many articles and resources. - illustrated - From -




Civil War Traveler: Georgia __ You will find general information and special pages dedicated to various historic sites. - illustrated - From -


General William Sherman in Georgia __ Extended overview of Sherman's time in Georgia. - From -


Georgia in the American Civil War __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - 


Georgia Civil War Battle Adairsville American Civil War __ Brief summary of the battle and a few statistics. - From -




Georgia Civil War Battlefield Map __ Static map of Georgia battle sites. - From - 


Georgia Civil War Commission __ "The Commission is to "develop as State of Georgia Civil War Sites Heritage plan. The plan will promote heritage tourism and provide incentives to local landowners and local governments to preserve Civil War battlefields and historic sites".  Learn about their plans and goals. - From


Georgia Civil Units Homepage __ "The following site contains information on Confederate forces raised by the State of Georgia. It contains a list indexed by the "Official" Name (i.e. 10th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Cobb's Legion, Infantry Battalion, etc.), a list indexed by the "Local" Name (i.e. Acworth Grays, Ivey Guards, etc.), a list of the Georgia Confederate Generals, a list of the "Official" Name of Confederate forces raised by all the states and territories. Links exist to known pages on Georgia units, both in this site and others." - From -


Georgia's Historic Civil War Heritage and Sites __ Descriptions and photos of many Civil War sites in Georgia along with links to the home pages of many of them. - illustrated - From -  



The Gordon County Confederate Army Units Page ___Here you'll find rosters and information for several Confederate military units from Gordon County, Georgia. - Text only -


Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops __ Learn about Troops from Marion County, Georgia and some of the battles in which they participated. - From -  


The War for Southern Independence The Civil War in Georgia __ Opening page promotes a book.  Use links found at upper right to access information. - From - 


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