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A Brief History of Estonia __ A good overview of Estonia's history along with links to related materials. - From Mel Huang/ -

Category:History of Estonia __ An index of articles about Estonia history found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

Culture of Estonia - History and ethnic relations, Urbanism ... __ Some useful information about Estonia as well as a good history section. - illustrated - From -  

Estonia: History __ "The Estonians settled in their present territory before the Christian era. They were mentioned (1st cent. A.D.) by Tacitus, who called them Aesti."  A summary of Estonian history. - From -

Estonia - History __ An essay covering the general points of Estonian history. - From -


Estonia History __ "The history of Estonia and indeed of the other Baltic States has been one of constant struggle to maintain independence and national integrity against the predatory instincts of larger neighbors."  A general look at Estonia's history along with other information about Estonia. - From -

Estonia History __ "Centuries of struggle to retain its identity and achieve independent statehood are the hallmark of Estonia's history. Human habitation in the area dates back to at least 7500 BC, but the first forebears of the present inhabitants were Finno-Ugric hunters who probably arrived between 3000 and 2000 BC.  You will find a colorful history of Estonia. - Fron -

Estonia - History of the Flag __ History of the evolution of the Estonian flag. - illustrated - From - 

Estonian History __ Annotated timeline of Estonian history from the ancient past to current. - From -   

Estonian History in Pictures __ Click on the timeline to access an image representative of the age. - illustrated - From Estonian Institute - 


Estonica : History __ You will find a detailed history of Estonia in the form of click-to-read chapters along with some very interesting supplemental texts. - From -

History of Estonia __ "Estonia was settled immediately after the Ice Age, beginning from around 8500 BC. After the Northern Crusades, being conquered by Danes and Germans in 1227, Estonia was ruled initially by Denmark in the north and by Livonian order in the South. ..." You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to affitional material. - From wikipedia -

History of Estonia __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Estonia." - From -

History of Estonia __ "From the mid-12th century German merchants and missionaries visit the coasts of Latvia and Estonia, a region to which they give the name Livonia (the Livs are one of the main tribes in Estonia). A German bishop is appointed to the district in 1186."  A good look at Estonia history. - From - 


History of Estonia: Primary Documents - EuroDocs __ A collection of click-to-read historical documents and resources for Estonia's history. - From -

MOFA - Estonian History __ You will find In depth articles about Estonian history published by the ministry of foreign affairs. All are in click-to-read format. - From Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Estonia __ A history of the Jewish people and their relationship with Estonia. - illustrated - From -


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