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History of Indonesia __ "Indonesia is an archipelagic country of 17,508 islands (6,000 inhabited) stretching along the equator in South East Asia. Indonesia's strategic sea-lane position fostered inter-island and international trade; trade has since fundamentally shaped Indonesian history..."  You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to additional material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of Indonesia __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of the country of Indonesia." - from -

Indonesia History __ "Powerful groups such as the Buddhist Srivijaya empire and the Hindu Mataram kingdom appeared in Java and Sumatra towards the end of the 7th century. The last important kingdom to remain Hindu was the Majapahit, which was founded in the 13th century."  A colorful history of Indonesia. - From -  

Indonesia: History __ A good, general overview of Indonesia's history along with geography and more. - From -


Indonesia History __ A brief overview of Indonesia history. For a more detailed look, simply click "more history." - from -

Indonesia History __ "Modern Indonesia is an amalgam of more than 13,000 islands incorporating a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions. For almost 1000 years, Indonesia has been involved in maritime trade resulting in a wide range of religious, cultural and ethnic influences."  A good general look at Indonesia's history along with other information about the country. - From -

Indonesia History - History of Indonesia __ A brief overview of Indonesia history along with other information about the country. - From -


Indonesia - History __ "Although Indonesia is extremely diverse ethnically (more than 300 distinct ethnic groups are recognized), most Indonesians are linguistically--and culturally--part of a larger Indo-Malaysian world encompassing present-day Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, and other parts of insular and mainland Asia."  A general overview of Indonesian history (early history only). - From -

Indonesia's History and Background (Ancient Times to Present) __ "Indonesia did not exist as yet during the Palaeocene period (70 million years BC), the Eocene period (30 million years BC), the Oligacene period (25 million years BC) and the Miocene period (12 million years BC). It is believed that Indonesia must have existed during the Pleistocene period (4 million years BC) when it was linked with the present Asian mainland. It was during this period that the Homonids made their first appearance and Java Man inhabited the part of the world now called Indonesia."  And that is only the beginning of the story told here. - From -


Indonesia - History & Background, Constitutional & Legal Foundations __ General history, legal and political history along with history of Indonesia's educational system. - From Net Industries -

Sejarah Indonesia __ You will find a detailed timeline of Indonesian history. - illustrated - From -

Timeline of Indonesian history __ Annotated timeline of important dates and events in Indonesian history along with links to additional materials. - From wikipedia -

World History Archives: History of the Republic of Indonesia __ You will find many click-to-read articles covering many aspects of Indonesian history. - From -


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