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Amazing Inca Architecture And Construction At Ollantaytambo __ "Ollantaytambo located at an altitude of 2,792 meters above sea level is an Inca archaeological site. Ollantaytambo is 60 kilometers northwest of Cusco in Southern Peru and lies on route to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail."  A good look. - illustrated - From -


Inca architecture __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Inca Architecture __ "Inca Architecture captivates us even today. Not a lot is known about the Inca for certain. However the one thing that is known is that they possessed exceptional architectural skills."  A general overview. - illustrated - From -


Inca Architecture __ A brief overview. - From -




Inca Architecture __ A general overview covering something of  monumental and domestic architecture. - illustrated - From -


Inca Architecture and Construction at Ollantaytambo __ A detailed look at architecture and construction in this long article. - From Ann Kendall/ -   


Inca Architecture at Machu Picchu __ You will find click-to-read articles and other resources. - illustrated - From -


Incan Architecture - Machu Pichu and Cuzco __ "The Inca were a small highland group who established themselves in the Cuzco Valley of Andean South America around 1000, with the city of Cuzco as their capital. In the fifteenth century, however, they rapidly extended their power until their empire stretched from modern Quito, Ecuador, to central Chile, a distance of more then three-thousand miles." You will find a text overview and slides. - illustrated - From -




Incas Architecture __ A good overview of Inca architecture including information about tools used and more. - illustrated - From -  

Inka Architecture __ "The essence of Inka architecture cannot be distilled into a single word. Three themes demand recognition: precision, functionality, and austerity. The Inka stonefitters worked stone with a precision unparalleled in human history; their architects clearly esteemed functionality above decoration; yet their constructions achieved breathtaking beauty through austerity of line and juxtaposition of masses. The Inka seem to have presaged Mies Van der Rohe's philosophy of "less is more". A good overview. - illustrated - From - 


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